Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back From Cali

   My adventure started Wednesday morning at 3:30 as I woke up and caught a cab to the airport. Flew to Calgary, then to Phoenix. Brian and Robin picked me up and we made a quick stop at Love cycles to pick up Benji. The four of us left for L.A. stopping only for fuel and beef jerky

 Once in L.A. we dropped Benji off and headed over to Ryan's in the lovely 'Fashion District'. We unloaded the bikes and decided to go for a late night rip. So I hopped on the back of Robins Pan and we were off...
  We stopped for one refreshment at the Thirsty Crow, and then headed out... Ryan was a little hot going into the first corner leaving the Crow and his springer stated pogoing. He laid his bike down right in front of Robin and I. With Ryan's pan laid down in front of us shooting sparks, and Brian to the left of us we had nowhere to go... Robin tried to stop but the bike laid down and we flew off! They rushed me to L.A. County hospital at 2am....  

  I took the worst of it, face planting into the sidewalk. Banged up my left knee, right hand, ass, and put a tooth through my top lip (4 stitches) lots of bruises and road rash, no broken bones. Everybody else and the bikes were all right.. So I ended my first day spending 12 hours in the hospital.

  Ill post more stories and pics of my favorite BF4 bike soon..... 


  1. Brutal way to start a trip, bro. glad to know you're on the mend. Could have ended worse. Come by for a Beer soon. I'll get you an extra cold one for that lip.

  2. aint that some bull shit. sorry boutcher luck, dude! that sucks! the sidewalk! damn! hope the rest of your trip made up for it. Dont trust ninja to have any beer left by the time you get there. He capitalizes "Beer" like its a person. that way he's never jrinkin alone. and if "Beer"s not around, his arrogant cousin "Whiskey" will keep him company. drunkard.