Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ride the Lightning....

  ...turned into a bit of an ironic name for this trip considering all the rain we rode through. But other than one short lived torrential downpour we smiled through the showers as we made our merry way.

First of many ferry rides.
Day one started with a side trip to the Great Sand Hills this was accompanied by quite a few miles of gravel and about 2 or 3 miles of sand road 3-4 inches deep in most spots. Who says you can't off road with a bagger? Joel had the most fun as he was cruising his Suzuki DRZ400SM with the enduro tires. Loved it.
Here we are at the end of the sand as it begins to turn back into gravel.
You couldn't have put the stand down about 10 meters past Joel's bike.
The Ghetto Glide meets his match in girth.

 Day two found us in Kimberley with my homeboy Lee. Lee put on a killer BBQ feast at his place before we went to check out his new shop and his latest amazing genny project. Killer bike. Gonna b a ruler fo sho. We had a great time catching up and shooting the shit proving once again that he shoulda stayed around here....except that he's lovin it out there. Sooo... God Bless. It was great catching up dude. Let's make sure we do it again super soon.


Day Three was the best day of riding I  think I've ever had. If you've never done the Kaslo to New Denver run you are really really missing something amazing. And from the Needles ferry to Vernon is pretty wicked too. Interior BC is just made for two wheeled machines. Beautiful. Beautiful. Fast. Beautiful. That night we landed in the land of richy rich, Kelowna, and got a taste of the high life. Kip's father-in-law took us out on his boat (which was so big we spell it with a Y here on the prairies) and then took us for a medieval feast of MEAT and grog at some posh place in Peachland. We got rock star parking at the dock out front and walked off the boat, past the massive line of people and gorged on 20 types of dead animal until we were too stuffed to move. Sooo good. Wish I'd taken a pic of the whole boat.

 Day Four was a nice leisurely run through the mountains. A little cooler than before, but a fine day of riding (obviously) through some beautiful country. We landed at David Thompson resort near Nordegg which was straight outta the '70's and far enough from everything that no one had much for cell coverage or anything else. We lost Joel for a while, but he rejoined a few hours later no worse for wear. Poker, drinking, eating and a good night sleep, finally.

Beard casualty.

 Day Five started off with a quick look at some beautiful falls and more proof that off roading and Harleys go together fine. Wet muddy sharp shale roads and washed out roads make for excellent conditions.

That night was spent in Dino-land, Drumheller.  Drove in through the Hoo Doos vai the Cowboy trail. Steak dinners at the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne and a soak in the hotel hot tub that night. Today we rode home and ended off an epic fucking trip that I think we'll all remember.


  1. thanks a million for the pictorial recount. much appreciated. And so timely. Speedy muthafukka ain'tcha? zat watcher wife callz ya? speedy?

  2. sounds like a great trip. real sorry i missed it. fukk sakes, anyways,