Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exploded Triumph Parts, now mine

So with the US dollar in the slumps I thought it would be a good time to do some Ebay shopping. Last time the Canuck Buck was up I made out like a bandit on some custom parts. So I went looking today and looky looky what I bought. Got a sweet old school set of dog bone risers from a '60's vintage Trumpet 500 chopper that exploded during a police chase (see story below) that I'm gonna use for the 650 rigid. They come with a set of sweet pullbacks and a pair of twisted struts. I'm thinking of you Sastard when I look at the struts. Any interest?

Then I got this kickass Cobra seat that I'm actually hoping will be able to mount on the shadow. If not I may consider it for the rigid, but it might just go back on ebay if it doesn't work out. I can definately sell it for more than I paid. Either way what a vintage beauty.

Now, I promised a story about an exploding motorcycle and a police chase. This is the best part of my purchase today. I'm gonna quote the sellers description cause he tells it the best.

"This is like a classic chopper part, direct from the 60's. I know. For sure. I'm only selling this to avoid work, and because my beloved Trumpet Scoot blew up unexpectedly while I was escaping from the Fuzz at about 185mph (see how the explosion blew the rip in the seat - right where it protected the family jewels!) and now I have to pay the fines and the hospital bills, and all that, but mostly it sux that I ain't got no more scooter. Good thing the ol' lady wasn't on the back cuz she would have been thrown about 800 feet in the air when the engine exploded, but maybe not since I took most of the blast right in the guts which shot me off into the weeds where the Fuzz found me, out cold. When the Fuzz found me, I had all this stuff in my icey grip of death, and I wasn't letting go. The throttle is missing due to the fact that it blew right off from the concussion of the exploding motor and very hot metal shooting all over. Really."
- mr_sunzeri


  1. Super rad. Stories like this is quality shit and why we're here. Those are badass bars, and that seat would be killer on your shadow. On your hardtail it would still be killer but also kidney killer. Im tickled pinker than pink fuck you were thinking about me when you were masterbating, i mean shopping on ebay, but i don't know where those narly twisted struts attach themselfs to a motorcycle. Not even that i cant envision it, i just dont know where they go. If you wouldn't mind spreading a little learnen....

  2. They just replace the rear shocks. It's the easiest way to lower that fender closer to the back tire. I think it'd look badaz on yer honda and help get somma that height trimmed off.

  3. OH! Fuck! You said STRUTS! Right! fukken eh, bro! Fuck yeah I'm sttoked! I'll totally trade you beer for those twistie little bichez! Speaking of trimming height, who knows about how heating and hammering your frame (under the seat part) affects structural integrity, handling, etc.? I'll hafta have good fax if the old mans gonna let me use his equipment to bestow such a treatment on that little bastard.