Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had really wanted to "do a thing" on my experience, y'know shop photos, one of the artist, etc. but fukit, i had to try three times just to make my appt.! So time not permitting these days.
However, my experience was positive. Tyler at ON2U/piercings by veronica did a great job, and I would certainly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable about his craft, did everything for good, well thought out reason, and i could tell as he was working that he really enjoys his job. He drew up a great piece of flash for me and I had to say very little for him to seem to know exactly what I wanted. Also its worth mentioning he does not suffer from rockstaritist and is approachable and professional. I suspect he will soon lose his "apprentice status" and have a long, successful career as a pro in his industry. One thing i found different about him compared to veteran pic man was a tendency put in ink in shorter bursts and wipe the area more often. My guess is to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy. (yes i want that) Maybe it's because of hours behind the gun, or maybe its just his style. At any rate, i was surprised because it hert like a motherfukker after a while! Tyler has a light touch for lining, and that was cool. I could have sat for lines all day. But for a small piece there was a fairly even line/shading mix throughout. So that meant constantly shading next to lines, and that I've found is the part of the process that creates the, uh, most tickles. I was fukken done a good half hour before the piece was complete. The last few colours and finising touches were so tough i couldn't even distract myself by thinking about boobs. I was disappointed in my own ability to suck it up. I had to hold my arm in a real kinda dumb way but it was only a two hour piece! There was even a few times when i thought to myself, ok no more tattoos ever! Ha! ya right, pussy. I like to be able to zen/zone out when i collect ink. Just drift around inside my head with the endorphins. There are sensitive bits when its harder, but i thought I was getting pretty good at it. I should however learn a lesson from this. The night before i just needed to relax so i had a coupla scotch. I thought, its just my arm, I'll be fine. So i drank scotch, slept like crap and then had trouble toughing out the end of my apt. Hm. Coulda seen that coming.
So my experience was excellent thanx to Tyler and the folks at ON2U. I would recommend both the artist and the shop. His work is super tight and pro and I can't believe this is a $100 tattoo. Get off your ass and collect ink from this dude. I'm sure his rate will double or triple before long. Better pics to be added later.

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  1. Good stuff. Thanks for the tale. Can't wait to see some fine pics of the work. Sounds like I'm gonna have to plan out the next part of my arm and get in there soon.