Tuesday, October 27, 2009

XS650 Mock-up 1

Fuckin amazing how motivating having a fresh frame in the shop is.

I got the front end off the old bike and onto the new rigid. Put the back wheel on, fitted the bars and seat just to have a look. I gotta say I'm f'in pleased with how this is gonna go.

HUGE PrOps to HamBone for an amazingly accurate rendition of what I was after. I don't even think I'm gonna have to lower the forks like I thought they look great just stock. I think the rake changed a bit when the back end was welded on which puts the front end exactly where I imagined. I like the dogbones, but now going back to my original thoughts for lowrise narrow bars instead of the triumph pull backs.
Back end is looking about right so we'll keep moving forward with that.

Happiest boy on earth.


  1. Ya, man that's super! as soon as I saw the mock up i thought about little bars too. like a short tight z bar or something, eh? or something with only slightly more shape than a broomstick....
    rad, dude! fukken a.

    nice work hambone!

  2. Ditto. Short bars, yeah, yeah. Looks rad.