Saturday, October 10, 2009

LA to Toon

It was beautiful day to leave the north. I had the 650 up there just to let some buddies ride a moto for the first time. Man were they ever stoked. This is Little's first ride farther than the distance between air ronge and La Ronge (1km). I think he is still got a smile on. Beautiful day for it too!!

Little's lack of experience and licence meant that I lead most of the trip. But he did pop out in front a few times, this is how we figured out the problem with the speedo. He thought he was rolling at 120 lol more like 150. I'll have to sort that out now that the snow is here.

Rolling back from La Ronge after shclepping bags for three months was sweet until little ran out of gas.

It didn't slow us down too much and we made it to toon town before it got to late.


  1. KENO! nice to see you finally on the boards. We'll look forward to seeing the 650 rebuild this winter and maybe even some MG posts, eh?

  2. Yea I'm a bit slow lol. but now that the snow is here I'm looking forward to pertying up the 650!!

  3. pop by some time and have a look through the boxes of 650 I've got. now that we know what the things look like we can see I've got a spare bendix for ya.

  4. i dont care what you buggers to with your dix. just dont post it here we have to draw the line somewhere.

  5. just kidding. create a cycle related context and post all the dix you want, bendix or regular!

    Thanks for the post and the pics Keno!