Thursday, October 15, 2009

winter ride?

Any of you mules still got a bike on the road? Looks like a good weekend ahead. I'm itchin for a ride. any takers? There will be a prize this year for the mule contributor who takes the latest spin of the season (Just to encourage unsafe riding conditions to be challenged).


  1. might ride your place tomorrow. Fucking first aid and cpr all weekend. and then the kids. bollux. if im lucky il get to ride to pick up diapers. ya. thats how i roll bitches.

  2. who knows, maybe hambone will put a gs on skis!
    this contest goes to Jan 1st? or spring?

  3. yeah. I guess there needs to be a cut off date, eh? okay sooo March 1st seems pretty miserable. The closest ride this side of march first wins. post your ride date in this comments box to enter.