Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tom Waits podcast

Tom Waits talks with cbc's Jian Ghomeshi. Talk about art, music, satan and shit.
Sorry kids. no music. You know where to find it.
and this


  1. Dr. fuck yeah. That looks good. But Terry Gilliam is cursed!! Poor bastard. Love his movies.

  2. Cursed you say...
    dont know the mo fo.

  3. He's the director. Google Terry Gilliam's Curse. He's also the guy who did all the crazy animation for Monty Python in the 60's. No shit. He's also Canadian. He's also Cursed.

  4. Waits is a notoriously tuff interview. I hate Jian Ghomeshi at the best of times, but he really fucked this rare opportunity. I'd much rather have seen your boyfriend George Stombolopolis take a stab at the tom cat.