Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barn Bikes of the sastards

K ninja ! U asked for it, choo got it! About half of the barnsworth. The other half may be legitimate junk, but heres a few areas of interest. The post may be need a second edition sometime with actual good pics and comments from Sastard Sr.

Sr.'s pre 1940 Norton 16-H. Hard tail, spring set, rad thumper. Over bore kit. Cruises nice at about 45 mph. Whallopping 12 hp. just kidding, i really have no idea.

Fun little yammy with timing or points issues or something. Its actually mom's bike. Some people don't get the bug. Real fun to ride in town though. Unless you were hoping for power. Which you dont need for fun. Hell even a moped is fun. Tandem twin. A bit heavy for scrumptious yet this summer. maybe next year.

My honda cm400t i fuckin crashed. Poor old bastard! Deserves better. So the lump will be removed and remounted.....
Here! In this frankenportshondaster. Gak! look at all that height that I'm going to have to get rid of. I want to reposition and remount the short shocks from the doner bike. that should shave a few inches off. If i can spring that sporty seat i'll put struts on instead of shocks and that'll help. Hoping to kind of get that skinny look for it. Lowered front, no rake, i'm positive im going to toss those gauges I bought twice now. Maybe one of those magnetic bicycle speedos. Plan on taking the grinder to that rear metal, i think its called sub-frame behind the curve where the shocks are mounted, and ideally get a fender welded to the swingarm. And dad wanted to put that little mill in a feather bed frame. Hmmm... actually............

potential tail light for the honda project. i have 2 front fenders. one should become a rear and wear this little red hat.My brothers can-am 250. 79 or something. needs minimal work but parts are scarce. I only rode it once. It wheelies like a motherfucker.

Some bird shit on dads 16-h
Indian dirt bike. Had a fuji motor or something. it went into a little chaparral bike. That little bike spent so much time in the air it never even needed tires. It might have had a short life.....


  1. Thnaks Billy. You deliver quick. Couple questions. Is that little Yammmy of Mrs. Sastard Sr a two stroke? looks like. What's the front wheel on that Indian dirt hopper? A 21" with a mini drum perhaps? Loving the honportster. You're definately gonna need the harley bars from du keeps parts 550. Planning to lower it? Short shocks, brat style drop seat? Do those air boxes come off? Is that where the battery is?

  2. Yeah, dude, maybe a frame hammering to drop the seat, and ya, no air boxes. boxless as freshman year baby. You gave me those pod filters from your 650. Thought I'd try my luck with'em. Front lowered as well by simply pushing the forks further thru the triples. Nice lotech effect. Got a few angle/stance issues to be resolved. Batt is behind the side cover, may remount it and use diamond plate instead. Diamond plate behind the headlight ass. too. Can't wait fer keeps bars.
    That could be a 21 inch wheel w/a mini drum on that indian. You could likely obtain it if it 's right. not sure it any more than junk, its just junk with a shape. gnarly little tank though.....

  3. Aaww Fuck yeaH! I just realized the stripped Kawi behind Noah's CanAm is the fuckin bike I learned to ride on out on your farm. I remember riding that thing in circles around the old house on yer yard the first day. I recognized the white DIY fender on the front. Sweet nice to see her again.

  4. ya thats that 125, i think it mostly works. dad built a sidecar rig for it, and I drove it once. about 12 feet. it changed the handling to a degree that i lost interest. I think we had stu's 2 stroke 400 monster. What was thet? Suzuki TT or something?