Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CB 550


Seeing what this dude did with his POS makes my project look like a breeze! At least my engine turns over. As well I have no mold and minimal rust. So I'm taking the angle grinder out this week for a little "Grindy, Grindy". Clean up that frame real nice!
Starting to think that a small 12v battery is a must. Don't want to burn out the electrics. The charge needs to go somewhere. Not sure where to hide it. Don't think it needs to be very big though as it won't be running the starter. Trying to decrease weight.


  1. Wow. After seeing that thing pulled apart I gotta say that dudes got fuckin coconuts taking it on that kinda test run. What a trek.

  2. Holy crap! He had everything in there butt lentils!! Let us know how your project is coming. I have pics to post also-coming soon.