Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CCM Cobra Mustang

Had a chance to put the CCM together tonight. I'm pretty sure it's a '69 CCM Mustang Cobra (came before the three speed Mustangs of the '70's). If anyone can verify please do. Man, I wish motorcycles went together this fast...

Painted the rims and spokes, stripped the frame, new tires (rear says K-RAD on it) Painted the frame with some metal flake from Walkers. Might need a GLOSSY clear coat yet, but the matte orange with the gloss black is kinda nice too.

'60's style pic for fun.

Before: Came in a box. I had some oem and some pixie girl bmx parts. This is as close to a bike as I could make at first.


  1. Nice jobe dood! Look absolutely Rad.
    How does it wheelie?

  2. The frame is mid 60's earlier that the Mustang which came out in 68.
    I thought I told you that when I sold you the frame and parts.
    It's a Cougar model.

    Never heard of a CCM cobra.

    My Brother had the same bike and he said he bought his at Coop in 1965.

    hope that helps

  3. One more thing! did i give you a fork for it? i can't remember.
    just doesn't look right with the BMX fork.
    I probably have a correct one for it.
    Also I have the caps that go in the front of the skinny frame tubes.
    they will need cleaning up but are in decent shape.