Friday, September 25, 2009

Here's some kind of a quote from some hobo guy from new york:

Theirs a lot of people who think they know what a real Harley sounds like but will never here what one izz spose to sound like at idle or a low steady lope. I made a visits to the local Joe’s were all the wanna be bikers hang out Nuttin wrong with a wanta be but one thing that surprise me izz when they decided its time fer a ride around the block out of the 30 or so Harleys I did not see a one that wuz kicked started, all of’em started and away they went. We use to take a ride down to myrtle beach ’bout 175 miles and it would take 12 hr. first 4 hr. wuz wait’in to git all of the Harleys started. If you had a Tillison carb you needed to tote a tooth pick to tickle the diagram in the carb to git it started. To many problems to list. I always wired my tail light to the positive side of the coil so if I had a no start I knew the coil had 12V. I wuz the only one in the pack that had a front brake and one of the few that have a good werk’in back brake. I always rode in the rear of the pack cuzz most did not have a werk’in brake lite or one that I would trust. Either ya run over’em or they run over you. I don’t think I could ride a hard tail again.


  1. That's great. tickled with a toothpick. Hah. Where's this from?

  2. somewhere in the deeps of that chopperhandbook website it think...