Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stellar Specimen!

Sastard Sr.'s Norton Atlas 750..........
Would look real great if it weren't a basket case in his basement. I'm nearly 33, its been in the basement in "non depreciating condition" for more than half my life. It was raced, put down, repaired, and then it rode like shit because it was discovered post op that the frame was bent. Dad bought it, stripped it, sent it to edmonton, probably to john oland or another biggar brit biker connection, and had it straightend. Upon its return he excitedly screwed in the lump, ordered some parts, chucked the exhaust pipes in the rafters and set the thing in the corner of the basement where its still radiating it's, um, sawdusty excitement. and waiting for the magic money fairy to throw 3000bux at it. Ok, so lets do math. It's got no where in almost 20 years, the old boy's 53 or something, at progress percent per year, = bugger all. Simon may have a hellova vintage project. Lets hope he gets some skills that skip a generation.
Someday ill post some pics.


  1. Oooh what a bike. I didn't realize until recently that that sucker has a Norton Featherbed frame. Probably the best cafe racer frame ever built! Guys would pull the Triumph engine from their 650 Triumph (which had dual carbs) and put it in the featherbed frame (best handling frame ever at that point) thus creating the Triton (Triumph/Norton). See the Wikipedia page for more info.

    also see this one for a guide on building a triton in your kitchen.

  2. Yeah, he always was talking about putting the clipons on it. Even as a kid, i thought they had no style. It actually came with true vintage ape hangers (post race career add on) wich i though were awesome, but to my dismay he traded them for some other misc. part. I think i just wanted to put them on a dirt bike anyway!

  3. We need to go out to the farm some day and do a whole feature article on what's in that man's barn. From the H16 to the Indian dirtbike, to the 175(125?) yammy, to just the spare parts, etc, etc. That barn needs some photoging fo shooah!