Monday, September 7, 2009

Waskesiu 2009

Overnighter to Waskesiu with the boys. We had Ninjas, Keno, Sastard, Sastard's Dad Sastard Sr., and Stu.
Took a few Lomo Quad cams, but not so many worked out. Shooting while riding skills need improving.

Sastard Sr.'s Guzzi, Keno in back.

Had to pull over and let the Fish Police get ahead of us once we hit the park so that we could lean into some of the windy woodsy roads.

So there must be something about my bikes and Waskesiu. Both trips hacve resulted in my bike breaking down. This time it was the VT750.

Nothing too serious, but the bolt must have fallen out of the drum linkage so when I stepped on the rear brakes the link arm was the only thing holding back the force. Caused the drum to spin around and bend the shit out of the arm (see below) and actually snap the linkage rod.

Used the broken piece of the linkage rod to bolt the arm back onto the drum once it was spun back around. A little Duct tape for insurance and we're on our way again, but with no more rear binders.


  1. Looks like a sweet trip boys. Sad I couldn't be there for the good times. Looks like ninja needs a parts truck next time he gets out on the road. Good improv though. Cool to see Stu's still got the shiny red Yammy. Still got the loud pipes on it? Used to really bark! Real comfy highway bike. What route did y'all take?

  2. Thanks for documenting the trip dude! good times, good photos.....

  3. Back on the road with the Honda using temporary CanTire bolts and clips. Awaiting the Stock honda's from Powerhouse. Honda charged me close to $13, Canadian Tire gave me the same shit with extra split clips for $3.17.