Friday, September 25, 2009

HD for a new Generation

Harley is marketing to a new generation of riders these days. Same culture as the bikers of the past, but for the VANS sk8 generation. I'm a little offended, a little flattered, a bit afraid, and a touch pleased. I'm all fucked up about it. I guess what it comes down to is that HD is using the same marketing stratagy as ever. "Buy a Harley, instant cool." The problem is that if you don't have all the other stuff, like the bike shop, the club house, the friends who own rod shops, and the skills to put a motor back together, then you're realy just another douche who bought a HD and thought it made him tough. You probably also bought a helmet, a jacket, four t-shirts, boots, and a keychain that all had the HD logo stamped, clearly visible, on all of it for all the other douche-bags to see. Waving you're two fingered, "I rode my bike after work today", salute to me as you pass by. This rant has gotten bitter, watch the fucking movie!


  1. Those aren't fucking drag bars! Douche!

  2. hmm. ya, appealing movie. but those are not drag bars. There is a sort of ethical conundrum about buying a stock custom. even if you've picked the customs. honda called there cruisereier bikes the custom in the early '70s, but they were all the same i think, it just ment the lower seat height. Old trick. Same result.
    A wanna be biker is kinda hard to spot. A douche bag will be a douch bag, no matter what lifestyle/fad/hobbie/interest. Much like automotive enthusiasm, your either born with it or not. True enough douche-baggery will dilute the integrity of whatever it involves itself in. Surely a wanna be biker is only someone who wants to "buy acceptance." This has more to do with thier personality and problems than motorcycles. If they do dumb stuff that refelcts bad on the rest of us mello fello then thats a shame. I, as im sure we all do, do my best do drive safely and curtiously, and have fun with out killing myself or others. I truely love to have fun on a motorcycle. I dont need to list reasons why building your own project bike is cool as fuck, but i prefer to ride than wrench. Considerable time constraints cause me to refrain from such an activity and to regard it as a pain in the ass. I realy want to finish my honda twin, but if i have a choice of what to do with my free time i'll be doing it with my helmet on. or the bathroom door locked.