Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mumblings of a Mule

This modern backyard-build cycle culture seems to me to have a likeness to a lotta shit I've loved. Discovering independent music had the same obsessive effect on me half a life a-go. Before that transworld was my bible and thrasher my kama sutra. Knowing these uncommonly known nuggets of information somehow made me happier. In the same field of "shit to waste your energy on", and yet, "the shit to keep you sane and calm", it takes real effort to find the pieces from yards, barns, swaps, and salvo yards. Takes useless knowledge no one else (especially better halfs) cares about to know what to look for in all that crap. It's nice to think that building the way we do, seeking the vintage parts and history, piecing together a ghosty mule, utalizes the same tools and techniques as when those pieces were built. And that nothing being built now uses these backyard traditions and borrow beg and steal attitudes that make these plow pulling stallions so much fun. Good luck on the winter builds gentlemen, I feel fall is in the air.

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