Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dusty's Goose Neck Kawi

For Sale

This Goose necked Kawi was found on Kijiji today by Sastard and me. Figured anything this gnarly deserved a post. We don't know Dusty, but we like the cut of his Ugh! If you're interested in purchasing this beast click here.


  1. Well that $3000 sporty hung on for a day or two, but dusty's $3500 backyard build was available for less than an hour. Interesting....
    Glad we got the pics.
    For the record, kz750 twin (which i didn't know existed)fall under the offical mule catagory of RANDOM and RAD

  2. 3500 F'n dollars!?!?! What the fuck? People are fucked! I personally think my shadow (and that HD) is a hell of a lot more bike than that goose-neck. WTF? Perhaps I'm just being too sensitive. I guess "cheers" is in order for Dusty too, he's smarter than I for I'm sure he got some pretty good margin on that project.

  3. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of the dusty bird either, but props for puttin together what he wanted. Sounds like he's onto # 2 now. Definately interesting how fast it sold. Someone loves it. I always wondered how well custom Japanese bikes sold in the market. I guess it just takes someone to appreciate your vision.