Friday, July 24, 2009

'64 ccm

Or maybe it was a '68...I bought this for the Mrs. a few years ago out of some weird french dude's yard (sale?) fer ten bux! Certified antiquated mule! Even so, it rides super good, i really like it. I found one a bike dr. just like it the other day and they wanted 160bux frit! And mine has handbrakes and a 3-speed hub! I got a little gem in the garage, apparently. Whatever, its not for sale. But ya, 3-speed hub- single rear sproket and some majik leprechauns in there that change gears when you fiddle this crusty little lever. (shut up all of you) It's cool.

1 comment:

  1. See??!! there's a little string that goes into the hub to tell those lazy drunk ass leprechauns to do their job. And i think it was in a race once! click the pick! #27! woot!