Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiny Garage Rod Shop

Thought I'd post a few (to many) pics of my work space. The Tiny Garage Rod Shop was born when I ordered some white walls from a Rod shop in Surrey. They only supplied parts to registered companies so I made one up. WTFuck! The shop's seen mostly vintage Yamaha's through it's door, but more recently we've wrenched on newer Honda's and an old Chev. That's right, the Mule!

As you can see the garage is not confined to the indoor space provided come summer. We do like to stretch our legs and spread the oil.

Yammy manuals and a fix'yer chevy book with cartoon wrench mnkeys.

Troubleshooting indeed. Greasiest pages in the Clymer's.

Metric, metric, metric, fuck where did all these imperial bolts come from?

The God of motorcycle maintenance.

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