Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kool '48 Ford

As I can only fit a bike through the door of my garage, this perpetual project is waiting for some love in Papa Bear's garage.


  1. Thanks Keeps! That is a definite antiquated mule! the pics are a pleasure to view! And that has some badazz style. What does the old beast need? (that keeps at project status?) Sometime, pics of that flathead would be great, or a link to virtual info.

  2. Ya. Where does the old mule stand? Ninja would also love to take a peek under the hood. Tell us a story about too. Where did she come from where did she go (cotton eye...never mind)

  3. Of that vintage there is a certain musical quality to piloting those old beast. You really rely on the sounds you hear a to let you know whats going on with it. If your speedo went after a few months of driving, you would know how fast you were going but the audio feedback. Very cool, very rat, very mule. Very easy? No. If it were easy everyone would do it!

  4. I'll fer sure get some pics snapped of that ol' Fat Head, I mean Flat Head. It's out in Wakaw. I could go on & on about that truck. It's a big part of who/what I am. That's what me n' my Pa both learned to drive on. My G'pa worked on a orchard in ON & when he moved back to Eyebrow, SK, they gave him the truck. So in 1957? they drove the rig back with Mom, Dad, Toddler, Toddler, & baby. (and the 1hr drive to the lake with 1 kid seems long)
    -Notice the wrinkles in the fenders? Gramps used to herd cattle with it & when he would bump the bulls, they would turn & ram him back. (One wrinkle, however, is from a power pole)
    -He used to haul a cow in it into Moose Jaw every month, sell it & buy groceries. One time the cow stuck its head through the glass into the cab. Another time it jumped through the wooden rails and got pretty buggered up. They abattoir wasn't to pleased getting an already dead cow.
    -and we all understand the pains of stopping a large object in motion with no power brakes. Been lucky to have only squished a cat & a camry. Didn't even scratch my paint. Or the XL175 in the back.
    -I love that truck, need I say more?