Monday, July 20, 2009

Waskesiu 2008

Thought I'd post last year's Waskesiu trip pics as the conversation surrounding this years trip are in the works.

September 5th 2008

A little late in the season, but the 650 was finally road worth and needed a test run. Du Keeps and I set a date and crossed off the days. September 4th I started the 650 in the morning to go to work and it ran like shit. Bogging out, cacking and coughing like the weezing of angels smoking camels. Got on the forums and started posting my drama. Left work early that day and began dismantling the carbs. By 10pm that night we were back in action. Thanks again to the fella's at XS650 Garage USA. These guys a freekin amazing!!! I owe my entire 650 experience and part of my 360 build to them.

Shortly after Kip's hatchet let loose, bounced off the highway and flew over my head and turfed itself in the woods. We went back and searched the area. Kip off-roaded his 1100 shadow and found it on the second or third pass.

Cruised around for the rest of the day once we arrived in Prince Albert National Park taking advantage of the narrow winding forest roads.

Beach to beach to beach.

The 650 with the biggest toolbag you've ever seen on a bike. Kip laughed his ass off when he heard that the big green sack hangin off my bike was all tools multi-meter included.

Got some dinner going and paid some Chinese restaurant a million dollars for a case of beer and a pack of colts.

September 6th. Nearly there. At the junction just before Christopher Lake the 650 died. Just as I let the RPM's down coming into the crossroads the engine quit. I knew I should have charged it last night. The plan was to push the bike into the men's room at the camp site and plug in the trickle charger to the shaving plug. But by the time we got to bed it was 3am and I was in no mood to push a bike through heavily rooted woods.

Kip rode my batery into town and then came back for me. We spent an hour or so in a little diner eating fries and chatting with locals. Kip wasn't laughing about the tool bag anymore.

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  1. But...Damn! What good beer it was! Never thought to take a multi meter & batt charger on a bike trip before...but glad you did. I guess I'm used to Honda where my troubles were always more mechanical than electrical. Sure hope we can have re-run this year with Billy & his bug catcher.

  2. If you guys need to, you can go without me. The dates seem to work for all but me. I'll be okay, I still get a bike trip late Aug. Perhaps y'all should meet me in Kelowna night of Aug 23. Or Red Deer Aug 24.