Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a winner! Mystery car named as '71 chevelle by Hey-nonny Bosh!


  1. Hey-nonny Bosh-I'll level with ya. I'm a hillbilly with minimal skills on the clickbox. I've been a contributing member of this (my first) blog for about a week and a half. In booze fueled moment of inspiration, I thought up the little contest thinking that only my three buddies, the other contributers were reading this bullshit. However, as you met and exceded the winning requirments, I feel I should make an attemp to hold up the other end of the contest. I am not a rich guy with unliumited resources, but I will try to get a cigar into your hands if reasonably possible. After all, you've earned it. Also, I maybe be a billy sastard, but I nor any of the other mule guys are assholes, and I wish to represent with integrity. So shoot me your hometown location, and/or your mailing address, and i'll research the possibilites.
    send'er to:
    look forward to hearing from you

  2. Ha!

    Nah, never mind (now I feel bad). Treat yourself to an Acid Kuba Kuba on me!

  3. Well, ok. I've lernt smrtz, about a big mouth and a blog. Feel bad not! I'll admit to being a douche, and that you let me off the hook. Congratz on the respect you earned from us about your knowlege of chev triva and for being a "reguler guy" about this. And on behalf of webmaster ninjA and myself- Thank you for enjoying our blog! your comments are welcome.