Friday, July 24, 2009

New Two-Wheeler

Picked up this Haro the other day. The kids got me a gift card for bike dr. for Christmas. This bike was there so i bought it. Before I brought it home, I showed sky the card and told her she bought me a bike for Christmas today. She was convinced I was totally full of bunk. It wasn't as nice of a ride as the slightly cheaper specialized I rode when I was there, but it was on consignment-cash only, so not eligeble. This one seemed allright......might actually be a kids bike.... oops It's black though! I do plan to remove those trick pegs I don't know how to use.


  1. Or you could learn to use those trick pegs. Nice bike though.

  2. What? and break my frikkin nek? I can get my thrills on the ol' iron horse. The only thing it doesn't do is jump. Which is what the bmx is for. (no jumping the inline four) and the yz250 at mom and dads.

  3. Nice. Taylor just got a second hand hoffman with a 3 piece crank. That's the luckiest 5 year old on EARTH!