Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sekine Cruiser

Unchained the beach cruiser today. Pulled a lot of vines off the old
boy and lubed'er up. Gonna get a couple new cables for the wife's
Skylark too and take'm both up to the lake. Not much time for bikes
without engines these days.


  1. That'll be a dandy lake bike. Have always liked it. The wheels look so big (and that's a good thing) Did you see my dad's old CCM Mustang that I fixed up for a lake bike? Good for the kid in a few, a little on the small side, still would like to find something similar for m'self.

  2. Where'd the ape hangers go? Savin'em fer yer sevenfitty, eh?

  3. sweet blue anodized rims ! I used to have some of those.