Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wrenching Struts Response

Photo credit uwe9999

Hard-tailing a spirit with rusty wrenches does have it's advantages. For example, lowering the rear fender so that it rubbs those hairy bits off a new tire. A springer seat, however, I've not seen. I may just try lossening the suspension a touch.


  1. I haven't seen one on a stock shadow, but im sure a guy could turn one up. There's modern stuff on that locobastardo website with spung seat. I may try and mount that sporty seat on springs for that 400 and the to struts afterall. if i can live with it then the bitch could become a tru chopper-hardassed and everything.

  2. I'm convince that's what you should do. HARDTAIL is the only way to go unless you can bend like the brat's at bratstyle. Even then I imagine they get a lot of tire rub and it's likly the stif-fist suspension you ever rode yer tailbone on. Still. You may want to do some bending to the seat bars and get you're ass lower than the top of the rear tire.