Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre Unit for sale @ Born Loser

One of my all time favorite Pre Unit Triumph's is for sale at Born Loser. This Bike is featured in Greasy Kulture Zine and appears in the 2010 Hell on Wheels Calendar. Oh how I'd love to buy what is surly to become one of those remembered bikes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mule Majority vote

Alright I think we have a mule majority vote on short bars sooooo... I took the bar outta a scrawnily underused set of dumbells and voila!

Okay maybe a little too short, but I think the answer is Dogbones and broomsticks. Sastard lent me his sporty tank to have a look and although it looks pretty badass I think I'm gonna keep looking for a Wassel unless a peanut shows up for as good a deal as Billy got.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

XS650 Mock-up 1

Fuckin amazing how motivating having a fresh frame in the shop is.

I got the front end off the old bike and onto the new rigid. Put the back wheel on, fitted the bars and seat just to have a look. I gotta say I'm f'in pleased with how this is gonna go.

HUGE PrOps to HamBone for an amazingly accurate rendition of what I was after. I don't even think I'm gonna have to lower the forks like I thought they look great just stock. I think the rake changed a bit when the back end was welded on which puts the front end exactly where I imagined. I like the dogbones, but now going back to my original thoughts for lowrise narrow bars instead of the triumph pull backs.
Back end is looking about right so we'll keep moving forward with that.

Happiest boy on earth.

HamBone XS Original

Rigid Frame is Done!!

HamBone Dropped off the SWEEEETTTEST surprise last night. My XS Frame. All welded up and looking FUCKING KiCk aSS! Stay tuned for pics. bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike

Can you tell how stoked I am?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

On my way... becoming the worst pinstriper in history. Practice Practice
Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

crazy skatepark truck jump

if any one missed this from one sick race its a worth while 35s of your life. really made me laugh. The audio as much as anything i guess.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exploding Triumph Parts Arrived

Finally got my triumph parts. Don't think the seat's gonna work on the Honda, but REALLY starting to consider it for the Rigid. I'll need to find a kidney belt, but I think it'll look bitchass. Also think the bars might work. The struts are supper cool. 10". Gonna kill on Sastards bike.


I had really wanted to "do a thing" on my experience, y'know shop photos, one of the artist, etc. but fukit, i had to try three times just to make my appt.! So time not permitting these days.
However, my experience was positive. Tyler at ON2U/piercings by veronica did a great job, and I would certainly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable about his craft, did everything for good, well thought out reason, and i could tell as he was working that he really enjoys his job. He drew up a great piece of flash for me and I had to say very little for him to seem to know exactly what I wanted. Also its worth mentioning he does not suffer from rockstaritist and is approachable and professional. I suspect he will soon lose his "apprentice status" and have a long, successful career as a pro in his industry. One thing i found different about him compared to veteran pic man was a tendency put in ink in shorter bursts and wipe the area more often. My guess is to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy. (yes i want that) Maybe it's because of hours behind the gun, or maybe its just his style. At any rate, i was surprised because it hert like a motherfukker after a while! Tyler has a light touch for lining, and that was cool. I could have sat for lines all day. But for a small piece there was a fairly even line/shading mix throughout. So that meant constantly shading next to lines, and that I've found is the part of the process that creates the, uh, most tickles. I was fukken done a good half hour before the piece was complete. The last few colours and finising touches were so tough i couldn't even distract myself by thinking about boobs. I was disappointed in my own ability to suck it up. I had to hold my arm in a real kinda dumb way but it was only a two hour piece! There was even a few times when i thought to myself, ok no more tattoos ever! Ha! ya right, pussy. I like to be able to zen/zone out when i collect ink. Just drift around inside my head with the endorphins. There are sensitive bits when its harder, but i thought I was getting pretty good at it. I should however learn a lesson from this. The night before i just needed to relax so i had a coupla scotch. I thought, its just my arm, I'll be fine. So i drank scotch, slept like crap and then had trouble toughing out the end of my apt. Hm. Coulda seen that coming.
So my experience was excellent thanx to Tyler and the folks at ON2U. I would recommend both the artist and the shop. His work is super tight and pro and I can't believe this is a $100 tattoo. Get off your ass and collect ink from this dude. I'm sure his rate will double or triple before long. Better pics to be added later.

further photos and write up to follow

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something From the Archieves

Here's one I've been looking at for a while. Does ANYONE out there have ANY information, other pics, anything on this bike? I wanna see the front end of this thing sooo bad. I think it came from a 1974 Chopper Magazine issue, but...who knows. Maybe the next build (yeah right). I'd love to do a stretched pimper like this.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Go here!
Jenova Chen is a tech geek. This game is a thesis. It's also very cool. I heard about it on cbc of course.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mule's New Shoes

I don't think I'd buy the porta-walls again. The guys at A1 had a hell of a time getting them to work right with the radial tires. Never did get them perfectly seated. I guess the forums are right. They don't work acceptionally well with radials, but for the cost of Bias tires I could get real whities. Next time, rubber paint. Still... looks pretty badass.

Now that the tires are all the same size she drives straight as an
arrow even with a bitched u- joint.

Hambone Well Wishes

Hope yer Journeyman's shite went well. Good Luck.

Friday, October 16, 2009

xs chop

Just kinda mocked it up to see weather i will look cool. And i think yes!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

bu-bye buell

Although some may think the sportbike world is better off (Keeps) it is with a saddened heart that I make this post. The only North American Sport Bike company, Buell, has announce today that they are no more. You gotta admit they made one hell of a badass little short streetfighter.
See the announcment here:

Boob Job?

raked cafe

Lately I've seen a couple shorty raked cafe style hooligan bikes. The trump almost has a vrod look to it. Very badaz. definitely cool.

image from

I think Du Keeps should rake out his honda like this.

winter ride?

Any of you mules still got a bike on the road? Looks like a good weekend ahead. I'm itchin for a ride. any takers? There will be a prize this year for the mule contributor who takes the latest spin of the season (Just to encourage unsafe riding conditions to be challenged).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vending Machine

I took this pic when I was in a bar in Kelowna this fall. They have way cooler vending machines than we do! It even sold cigars.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

You know what Jim?

I think that guy sharted. I can still smell it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

LA to Toon

It was beautiful day to leave the north. I had the 650 up there just to let some buddies ride a moto for the first time. Man were they ever stoked. This is Little's first ride farther than the distance between air ronge and La Ronge (1km). I think he is still got a smile on. Beautiful day for it too!!

Little's lack of experience and licence meant that I lead most of the trip. But he did pop out in front a few times, this is how we figured out the problem with the speedo. He thought he was rolling at 120 lol more like 150. I'll have to sort that out now that the snow is here.

Rolling back from La Ronge after shclepping bags for three months was sweet until little ran out of gas.

It didn't slow us down too much and we made it to toon town before it got to late.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Evo Frame

just somthing i whipped up.