Friday, August 15, 2014

Kooky Times in the Queen City

Eli and Liam know how to party. For realz!!! Had a great time at the first annual Kook-Out in Regina. Thanks boys for the good times!

Great to see the DeathWheelers Crew as well as the usual suspects from down south.

Cypress Run

Road trippin with the family. After a storm warning forced our Flin Flon trip to be reconsidered the night before we left we decided to head for the only patch of sunshine on the radar map. Cypress Hills ended up being the destination and it worked out just fine. Great trip. Super weather, just enough breakdowns to make it interesting, but nothing we couldn't fix on the road. Dad jumped on the White Lightning and joined in this year too, which was awesome. After 45 years of not riding a motorcycle. Great to have him along. The Shovelhead shoveled right along with no issues and completed the 1200 kms without complaining a bit. Had to repair a rear brake line at one point but that's the only issue it gave me. Sweet.

Cypress Hills Family Run 2014 from J.Epp (I_am_10_ninjas) on Vimeo.