Saturday, July 31, 2010

Motorcycle Recovery

Picked up the cripple. Another 1800km in 2 days. How about this...Stator in Saskatoon $351, Stator in Dickinson ND $139.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Backwards beer blog

K, I'm computer impaired a little. don't worry though, cause the rest of the impairment is the regular kind. Just fukkin go to the bottom and read up.Stay tuned. From here the torch and grinder are applied. With....uh... some kind of results. And now.... I need a little advice. More to follow. It ain't all pretty.
So much better already. There were things about the '70's that were cruel to vehicles....
Favourite first bike and motor donor. To remain in "unmolested" state incase it deserves a proper resto some day. And then there's my son "Porsche" wearing his sister's pigtails for some reason. I suppose that reason is his tolerance of other people's sense of humor. He's going to drive over me with a track hoe some day.

A week'er two ago I went out to visit mom'n'pop, and Sr and I took shit off the cb. Most of it shall never return!
I'll recap as its been so long...
I have a '79 cm400t that i crashed when i was 20 or something. (this is not a picture of it) I never wanted to let go of the bike so I kept it on the farm and my little bro but dirt bike bars on it and we rode it around in it's wounded state for a few years. Sr. straightened the forks in the hydraulic press after the accident and we proceeded to thrash it soundly (but lovingly) for a number of years. It was terribly flogged as a dirt tracker/errand boy/dirt bike because it handled so well in a skid, we never wanted to drive it "properly". The motor was just so good i couldn't leave it in its vicious cycle of abuse/rot/no oil change/repeat. So at first i set out to restore it. Its pictured above somewhere, in maroon. But really it was to small for the highway left a little to be desired if I ever wanted to put any miles on. So I thought...."I simply must become just another douchebag building a back yard chopper!". So I bought a '78 cb400 with a bad valve and thought I'd start pulling desired parts to supplement the project. Then I realised that I couldn't take a torch to a beautiful vintage honda that was really not in to bad shape, 'cept it had been crashed a little. And I thought it deserved to be paid back for its mistreatment as something cooler than a motor transplant to an ugly ass $200 cb400. So the tables turned and fate took a bad, loose shit on the poor bastard cb. It became the donor bike, and the cm needed to provide only it's still beating heart. and its short shocks.

Trailing out Front

Something a lot of builds never take into consideration is Rake and Trail. If you're using the stock neck and close to stock fork length you'd never worry. But if you're building the long bike you better know something about it. What I know is with my current setup where I wanted the neck raked out to (approx 48 degrees) with the 6" over forks and the rockers they're sporting I'm gonna be outta control with an 8" trail. Hardly the sweet spot. Sooo...looks like I'm gonna bring the neck back in to around 40 and rake the forks out at the triple trees to get the extra angle. Also I need to make new rockers anyway to fit the 3/4" axle for the spoolie so I might as well make some Sugar Bear inspired creations and push that wheel out another inch or so which will also help reduce that 8" trail. Like I said, never really worried about it before, but it's worth checkin' out.

new bars and new stance

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sissy bars

Cool sissy bars for sale same one thats going on Will Power. 20 bones

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip pics

corner after corner after corner...Sweet!
When I still loved my bike. (I think we may still rekindle the flame)
Guy who owned this was in his late 60's. Trike's only a few years old though, 135hp I think he said. A hopped up VW engine. Sounded awesome.

Photography at 140. Unfortunately couldn't catch the lightning with the cam.


New vintage tank showed up today. Not convinced yet. More playing needed.

Will Power

Mocked up Wills bike to kinda get a feel for the direction i want to go. I am thinking its going to be mid 60's. Made a sissy bar also. i think its killer, might cut a peice to go in the center of it that has 306 on it.

Game on!

Lets take pleasure in the ignorance of another man. Go here:

ujm identification game-Go!

Bum Dastard

'While ago i posted some bitching about the radiator in my 91 honda accord. Specifically, how it split, blew out the coolant and fried my heater core. I pulled it and took it in for a recrimp. Now the sonovabitch did it again. so i went to to pull the rad again (which incidentally took me only 45 mins with out following the directions in the haynes manual, compared to the 2 1/2 hrs to going step by step. The fans all come out as a unit with the rad and do not need to be removed separately and first.) However, when I went to take the bottom hose of the bottom rad tank, i noticed my circular hose clamp was not very tight. Fukk. Now i have to take and have it pressure tested to see if the recrimp has let go, or if I blew all the coolant out b/c my one hose was loose and I fried a second heater core because I'm a such a fukkin shitty mechanic. Did i mention you have to pull the dash to get to the heater core? Takes either time or $$$ for that job!
Sr. said he could give me a hand.......

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jordo look a like.

Hey Jord when did you get this bike?
check this bike out! so nice! Full story @
And i do think that the hardtail is very simalar to t c brothers and it really looks pretty damb good.

On Kijiji This Day

Who says there's nothin' good on Kijiji? This guy thinks he's getting $5000 for this K1000 Trike. Hhahaha. Pretty sweet.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fork seals for the CT1

Any advice for popping out 40 year old oil seals? Cuz these are REALly in tHeRE!

Old Parts Score:

Rec Supply -20

Proline 0

eGay 1,567 (might soon deserve it's B back)

"Carefully pry out oil seal, using folded rag to protect outer tube." Sounds simple, eh?

How long does it take for a stock Honda to break?

a) 23 years
b) 276 months
c) 1196 weeks
d) 54,594km
e) 800km from home
f) all of the above

Yup, you guessed it. Stranded in Medora Fuckin North Dakota! Alternator is pooched. Can't get home on the battery. Actually can't even get back to the hotel on the battery.

So if all the stars line up tomorrow...
1) The Honda dealership 1/2 hour away will be open on Saturday
2) They will come pick my bike up
3) They will have an alternator for it
4) They will be able to fix it by 3:00pm
5) I will be able to ride home.

If not... I ride home bitch behind my dad and come back for it with the truck next week. Sweet!

It's probably because of all the bragging I was doing in front of all the Harley guys.

Oh yeah. That's totally gonna work.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I need some visitors to come look at a very early mockup. You know where I am.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ride Safe Du Keeps

Wish I was ridin' out witcha'


Swapped stator...still not charging...going to eGay to buy Banshee magneto Good-bye battery Good-bye.

The Devil's Eviction

Stole this image from my wife's Ceramics Blog, Musing About Mud. Too Damn Good!

510 madness

Rolled up in this Datsun 510 sitting in the lot a work two days in a row. Looks like a John Morton BRE replica.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiny Carb Mighty Mess

Race day's comin...

Where's Waldo: Mule Edition

J.D. King was bustin out the Super-8 movie magic at Born Free II. If you don't know JD's schtick you oughta. Keep an eye out for a devilishly handsome Mule around 1:02.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tanks A Lot

Or maybe the Hunchback of Wakaw Lake?
The tunnel in the tanks isn't deep enough. It sits higher than the bars. This layout would also come with some seat issues. As I type this I'm thinking to myself "Honda tank with bolt on bars off the forks below the headset?". The Sportster tank is for sale.

Back from The Hat

Back from the Hat and on my own this week so you mules feel free to call me for a ride any time. Met some cool cats on the plains and had a drink at the swankest Hotel Grotto. Truly spectacular. No flat screen here boys. No no. Old 13" dial b/w above the pool table that made Robin wanna watch Barney Miller. Gotta find a Local Grotto.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Triumph + Norton= Triton
Norton + Vincent = Norvin
Ariel + Triumph = Awesome!

Saw this little bad boy at Cruise Weekend last year and I'm stll thinkin about it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Alley Donut

Don't worry, the neighbours grass is fine.
PS: No front brake, lotsa lean and just giv'r

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moto Sport Medicine Hat

I'm in Medicine Hat for a few days and visited Moto Sports with the boy. Aside from a killer selection of brands I found this little museum in the back with some great classics.