Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry I missed the tour!

So My Weekend ended up being a bust. I was supposed to go on a trip up north that would have been amazing but couldn't get a hold of Badass mod, he's on leave so who knows where he is. Was holding out for that trip and didn't make the tour. I thought I would show you all what I did get up to while you were watching spiders crawling and such.

This is the Zenith Stromberg carb from my MG. I found out that it has more bits in the single carb than the 650 has in two carbs.

I also replaced this gasket that had a large gap in it. how the hell does that happen? If it weren't for the bolt that holds the catalytic converter onto the exhaust pipe being completely stuck. I removed it by Dremel tool) I would not have minded so much that I had to remove the intake/exhaust manifold to get at the cover.

So yeah ended up being a pain. and now the engine seems to be holding a little more oil, well at least it isn't a constant spray on the manifold anymore.

Bad part is that after attempting to adjust the carb it seems to run about the exact same as it did before I tore it apart and even though the automatic water choke is functioning as it should I still can't get a high idle when it is cold????????? So I'm glad you guys had fun, wish I had come rather than do a bunch of wrenching with no results.

Crazy Spider Girl's Spider

Crazy spider waitress girl in Flin Flon had this massive spider she had to show us. Biggest Canadian spider I've seen. And he was pissed.

Baby's First Parts Bike

Kids only 2 1/2 and he's already 3 Ninjas. Gonna be a ruler for sure.

Don't Doubt Du

Du Keeps was talking about guys mounting washers inside their straight pipes like butterfly valves to control the back pressure and I was pretty sure he was fulla shit 'til I saw this...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Flon Run Teaser

Here's a quick shot of the eclectic mix of machines that headed out to the Flon this weekend. Everything from HD Winnebago's to 80's Maxi-pads to Classic Italians to Beemer Cross Overs to Super Scoots. Great trip, greater crew, the best. Same time next year fellas. Two great sunny days and today it rained and was COLD and it was great anyway. That's three for three. Tired now, will post more later.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heading North...ish

12 hours and counting

Don't Shoot Grandma

How about this one. Grandpa (not mine) tried to shoot the skunk, but instead, the .22 slug ricochet'd and he shot Grandma in the ankle. I got to pull it out. I imagine it was a quiet car ride back to the farm.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cousin Ollie's Bag

Cousin Ollie bought a new (ish) Meanstreak. He gave me the old bags off his ujm after he sold it. They......are small. and mightnot fiton my maxim. He isnt' going to make itto the 'flon but might meet us for beer if we tell him where we are. I'm not sure we should b/c he told me he let the cops up north know we were rollin' thru that hood. I said thanks fer lettin 'em know were not a troop of out laws, the less adventure the better that far from home. He told me "whaterver, fukker, I told 'em all'yall had guns and crack."
Uhh... thanks for the bags dude. Maybe next summer you can come with us if you rnot goining to be such a fukkin heatscore.
I talked to Sissybitch Mike's sister today, she sez he ain't along b/c of legal and permit reasons. We'll miss his hiphop ass at 4:20.

Super Sixties

looking throgh the boxes and boxes of part that will droped off found these slick blue flake old school grips. Got the lump in the frame with the headers on which are also sick. still need some work done on them though. Hopefully this week i'll get to shaving and lowering the forks. looking on ebay today for a 21 for the front they are pretty cheap so i think i am going to pick on out.
till then boys CHOP OD DIE!

Be not afraid

Change is good. I'm trying to embrace a more ephemeral lifestyle where I can accept change as constant and live in the moment knowing that nothing lasts forever. The Japanese chopper scene, apitamised in this case by Mochi's Pan, seems to embrace this notion on a cultural level and I've got a big respect for the ever evolving bikes in the land of the rising sun. So I swapped out the bars on Dale for some Trump pullbacks today and I'm finishing up the original XS1 wheel for the front. This too shall pass.

Mono shock Chop

Is this what you had in mind, Billy?

Daily dumb. Harararar!

Best drinking injury ever.

Man shot in head thought he was hit by fireworks

BERLIN — A 35-year-old man who walked around for five years with a bullet lodged in the back of his head says he suspected for a while something was there but only went to doctors after he started getting headaches.

Robert Chojecki was partying on New Years Eve five years ago in the German town of Herne when he was hit with the .22-caliber bullet. Doctors removed it this week from between his skin and skull.

The Polish-born Chojecki told RTL television Wednesday he thought he'd been hit by fireworks, but later forgot about it.

He said at first he had "no pain, but approximately one year ago I started to get a headache."

Police say the bullet may have been fired in celebration. Doctors say he should have no problems now that it has been removed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will Power!

got the frame, bars and eletrical box all welded up the bars look KILLER!!!

first back tire casualty

i guess my pack was too close.... Damn.

Use yer Mule

Cruise Weekend Show & Shine

Pretty much the same show as '09. That's local car clubs for ya. There were a few delights, however...

Got a chance to talk to the owner of the candy Camero this year. Said he'd painted this baby back in '79 and it had cleaned up at carshows ever since. Damn sweet details.

Word was this Dragster was a Barn Find.

Oh so Fucking Saskatchewan to have classic Boats at a car show. Lake Kulture!

Loved this Shop truck.

"Wax that shit boys."

HamBone and me ducked into the alley after the show and shot a few off against some spray bombs for fun.

Monday, August 23, 2010

let the cat out

This is a crappy pic, but the mule I was trunna go look at b4 Mr. Guy dropped off the face of the planet is a 1985 Buick Riviera. Really pretty pimp as far as the vintage goes. Kinda the last of the american cars that had that "flava". 100000klms, rusted out frost plug and bad heatercore. every option even mirrored sunroof and end to end wooden dash. That it'self is pimp as fuck. Only 350bux. But...as is, it doesn't run. And the guy has dissapeared, so, sofar i have been unable to do any investigating..... Might have to let go of the idea. As Tim, my wise obi wan of an uncle of automotive inellect says, A mans reach should exceed his grasp. harararar.
Noodle around youtube for a commercial for '79 or 80 or something. 6 1/2 mins of rivporn.

Musical Interlude


Don't need to get a project ahead of myself, but there's this old monoshock frame in Sr's barn. It's from some kinda yamaha dirtbike it think, a bigger one, TT ot TI or something from the late '70's. O-Pinions: Could a guy cut up that dirkbike frame and use the monosock swingarm shit to build a "short chop" frame for a little twin cruizer? Just cause I think it might make a cool looking frame and a cool looking bike with the non visible shock action. (do not think early '80's V-rogo's). Anyone interested?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gifts from Sr.

When I arrived home from the Show & Shine today I found Sr. and his Mrs. outside my place. Sr. came by to drop off the Lil Desert Rose fork tubes that he'd straightened and he had another surprise for me as well. What's that? Did you say a YZ250? Well if you did it shows you've been paying close attention to the blog lately, but you would be wrong. No, in fact Sr. had just picked up two vintage bikes (one whole and a roller) from a gent in town for a cool case of beer. Sr. thought the '77 DT250 (the whole one of the pair) would make a better project for me than the YZ250 with the busted tranny and kindly dropped the bike off with an open offer to exchange it for/or in addition to, the YZ still sitting at the farm. Still following? Not sure why. But, here's the first pic. Stay tuned for developments. Thanks Sr. Damn it really is impossible to say no to a free bike.

Cruise Weekend 2010 teaser

Just a teaser for the Cruise Weekend show and shine. Honestly it was the same shit as last year and the mule was too broke to make it, but I'l post some of the cool shit this week fo sho.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freszh Mheit!??!

So...... I can no longer keep my enthusiasm private. After driving a (almost) modern import for a coupla years, I'm kinda tired of it. I don't get the fuel milage I was hoping for with the non vtech honda 2.2. My perticuler accord seems to have its own peculiar thirst. Not to bad in summer tho. If i'm gonna drive a car that is old enough that it always needs something, it may as well be a car I thats easier (read: faster) to repair. So kijiji has offered me a cheap interesting car, needing just a few things (one of them a gd heatercore). The owner seems to have kinda minimal communication/social/computer skills so it's taking me a while to go investigate. It may very well be an Antiquated Mule (but a luxury edition)! I will letcha know what i see........
whenever it happens.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So the Saginaw Manual Three is on the bench. It actually came out pretty damn fast. All those oily bolts loosen up pretty easy. Looks like a broken tooth is causing the thwap thwap thwap. Hopfully Dr. Daryl can find me a suitable donor gear and/or tranny and we can do the swap.

Thanks again and again and again Daryl. This one's for you...

Antiquated Mule Pilot Test

So the past couple days there's been this '76 DiscoRay, L82 (important 30hp distinction) parked at work.

And today I couldn't resist takin' a few snaps of it's antiquated glory.

Well someone musta seen me because when I got up to my office, Cheryl walks in and tosses me the keys. "Take your time.", she says. "It corners really nice with the gas on."


Comin off this ramp I looked in the rear view to see the po po tailing me. Oops. Honest officer I didn't know the car was in MPH. I thought 50 was a perfectly reasonable speed to exit the freeway.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Sastard Sr. Gold

Sent some fork tubes from the Lil Desert rose out to the Sastard Homestead to be straightened and got this email back tonight:

I stuck your forks in the old power fist press but it's not so powerful anymore,
could only get 2500psi out of it so not 100% true
but if you balance the error with highspots forward for wheeliez or backward for hard braking it should work ok
unless you are really punishing it - in which case it will probably bend.....
upgrade the headstock and put in larger forks for best results or save this one for Elliot . I've got an old yz250 that just needs trans. work for you.

Sastard Sr.

Thanks Sr.

I must admit....

....I rode around with just my motorcycle learners permit for about 15 years. B/c of the upcoming trip to the 'flon if felt i prolly should posses the leagal requirements. I grew up with bikes so i just felt slightly resentful that "the man" was incharge of telling me I knew how to ride or not. (i'm still here ain'I?) But as punkrock value bend and mellow with a few years and life experiences I decided that atually I was kind of starting to feel like a wanker with out the M endorsement. So the mighty max and I set out last wednesday am. to prove our skills to the authorities. I'd spent the nearly and hour the previous evening putting bits of crap on the end of a spring to get the foot brake to activate the brake light so i was feeling pretty smug about having my 28 year old bike totally roadworthy. But on my way to meet the examiner the horn decided to crap out, so of course the wouldn't test me. I phoned around to see what small town I could get a test in short order. Watrous, two days later on Friday, the thirteenth. Rad! My lucky day! And so it was. I met and examiner who had had her sense of humor surgically removed, so I pretended to be a tight-ass myself. I rode around in the agreed upon no nonsense fashion and she granted my my M endorsement b/c I only made on mistake. I made it a buncha times but I guess she didn't feel she should flunk me for the single repeated error. She could have. I was stopping on the crosswalk not behind. In the city I'm sure its not an error i would make, but in the middle smalltown nowhere, it's not like the crosswalk is, like, obvious.
More luck was to be had this Friday the thirteenth. I'll post again when Sr. emails me the pics of my honda accord dash-ecotmy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boler Camping

Of course you have to take the cheese tourist photo's on ur way
To the epic spot in the rockies
and it kept us dry

Now I just need to do something about the tow vehicle!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eveyday, Everyway.

finished off the sissy bar on Will Power. I am super stoked on the way this bike is turning out.