Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes you can take a tire off the rim with a screw driver and a hammer.... but its a f@ckin Pain!!!

Snell approved 2

Remember a few months back I posted a SWEEt! '51 Fleetline? I mentioned Mr' Snell also owned a little Ford Coupe w/ a Vette engine? Well here it is. Park outside work today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mule sighting

Spotted Keno's old KLR yesterday.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Got out to HamBone's tonight. He'd cut down my springer and it's lookin' awesome. Lee's not sure these things were ever on a bike and I tend to agree. Will Power is lookin' badass as always too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ratty Caddy

So my buddy, Crazy "Punk in Drublic" Gumby, shows up at my house this afternoon in this enormous fukkin monster convertible 64 caddy. (ok not this exact one-the battries in my camera were dead) . But it just like this one only showing a bit of it mulie maturity. it epitomized Antiquated Mule. The exhaust was rotting off so the 429 sounded "jus' real fuggin deadly, eh?" It was rad to see in person and rad to see gumby sober(ish), possessing a drivers licence and one ofthe fukkin coolest (biggest 19'!!!) mules around.
Now for the geek out. The motor-429. Ok, caddy put that motor in that car in those years. BuT!-fukkin buddy says its a Ford motor. He says caddy put whatever was the best motor of the day in its cars. Ok, maybe gm/chev didn't own caddy then, I dunno, maybe the did just put the fattest, thirstiest bitches they could find in there. But, now for the weird- stamped on the top of the block in the middle at the front between the distributor and the oil fill thingy were the numbers 283. 283??!! WTF!!! 283 was a small small block. 429 would have to be a big block, and 283 i don't think was ever a ford motor. Or at least not in 1964. Weird, eh? Any thoughts? I have one, we should all go for beer and have him meet us. In that.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big guys need back up too.

I saw one of these on c.o.c. blog. Stater key and removable back up. I think even if your 6'4" 400 lbs But living in La ronge a guy could have some back up.

Busy two weeks.

At the beginning of August I told you all in a post that I would post again with what happened the weekend before. It was too much to put into one and now I have finally gotten around to it. There are a lot of pictures but I think it's worth it!
So Bad Ass Mod and I got together this particular weekend out at Corman Air Park. We knew it was going to be an epic adventure when we arrived at the field at exactly the same time.
We didn't have all that much fuel on board so we made a stop in Kindersly to top up the tanks.

The weather was good enough but not exactly perfect. But this makes for some excellent views over the prairies

When we arrived at Pincher creek the weather was good and we were hungry. Unfortunately nobody delivers Pizza to the airport, we tried everyplace even a few from the wrong town, no dice.
From here we headed into the Crowsnest pass to have a look at Frank's slide. I've seen it from the ground before and it is crazy how much rock slide down this mountain. From the air you get an even better perspective on what a fallen mountain looks like. The picture doesn't do it justice there is a valley filled with what was a mountain.
We did a lap of this peak just for kicks and then decided to see what was on the other side of the pass.
Found another mountain decimated by people but this time they didn't undermine it and have the whole thing fall down. It looks like they started at the top and haven't quit digging since.
Once we got through the pass we headed north for a bit and found the Elk Valley strip just outside of Sparwood. This is a pic of a nice sideslip to get down to the field. We chilled here for a while to take in the view......

It wasn't good enough so we moved the couch.

We did a lap of this 'hill' on the way back through the pass.

And then headed North East across the prairies again to stop in Vulcan to see some friends. I like that they wrote down the name for us so that we knew we were landing in the right spot!

It was an awesome trip and definitely worth the $400-$600 spent on fuel!

We made it back to toon town with a bit of a tail wind and it didn't take to long even though we had to head north and come in from the west because of some bad weather around Kindersly the next day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zee Trazplant Vaz a Gombleet ZugZeZ

Zee Mule haas it'z feet plaAnted Furmly on Zee Gground. Oont Vee shaAll moneetour our Patiient's Rrrecovary ova Za next couple ov veeks, but it zeems zat for zee moment Zee Mule Shall make a fool RRrEcoverry. Das ist Gud, Yah!

Time to get a gun...

...that's what i been thinkin'...I could afford one...if I did just a little less drinkin'...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Brass is the new Crome

Picked me up some new brass V stacks HamBone style. They fit perfectly over the intakes. Polished up all the aluminum and put a Frisco petcock on the tank.


Something for "Dirk from Work"

Sweet endo's!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Valves, Timing

Sorry forgot to take a picture. But I adjusted the valves on the MG today all 8 needed to be adjusted and it started afterwards so again I didn't make it worse which is about par for anything I do to the car. Next I will be checking the timing in my seemingly never ending quest to get the engine setup properly. So if any of you have a timing light I could borrow that would be sweet. I know you all were just itching to hear what I was up to this evening.

Friday, September 17, 2010 this..


..... ahuuum....yeah....don't ask me what I was looking for when I found this one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jessop's 3 Day Cafe For Sale *SOLD*

Brian's got another tight bike for sale. This awesome period beauty is up on Kijiji now so don't miss out. Contact him directly at and get this racer under yer ass.

XS insane

Saw this today on An XS with a Joe Hunt Magnito! I gotta get my head around this one, but Cooool! Not to mention those crazy carbs any ideas what those are?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look who's old as Christ!

Welcome to the Club Keno. Happy Birthday

Worried Willie Wednesday

Back in'05 Willie put out this Reggae album called Countryman where he mad comparisons to country and reggae roots music. Great Album

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honed within an inch...

Well fractions of an inch actually. Remember that seized 650 I got at Grahams with the rusted cylinder? Well I finally got around to buying a cylinder hone from Princess and look at'er now. Needs a little more once my drill battery chargers, but we're nearly there. I wonder if I'm gonna be able to just increase the ring size or if I'm gonna have to get pistons?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage rubber for your rear

Norm's got some brand new "formula" Dunlop k81 knock-offs (various sizes) goin' for $20 outta Regina. Just got a pair. Nice! He's also got some ribbed 17's for $15 in case someone's building something with a tiny front wheel. Getting anything but a dirt wheel for a 17 is damn near impossible these days so I'd suggest everyone get a least one. You never know.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cherokee Run

Awesome day with Keno and Du Keeps. Started out with a lunch run out to Meacham Diner out the #5 about 60 kms outta town. Great Grit's if you're ever out that way. Comin' back into town we were thinkin about Plan B already which was to pick up a .22, a Shot Gun, some clay's, tin cans, and a target and head out to the gravel pits for some bang bang fun.

But the Skies cleared and we headed out to Corman air field (with the heavy artillery packed in the back just in case) and checked the runway conditions which had been Plan A. Turned out things were good so we left the guns for another day and hit the skies with cap'n Keno.

Flew down to Blackstrap, buzzed bare-ass beach, and did a lap of the Dundurn Air Space. Satellite radio blastin the '70's tunes, pilot smoking cigies, what a blast. Thanks Keno.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Send me back...

Sifting through a few more Born Free II pics...I want to go back