Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ratty Caddy

So my buddy, Crazy "Punk in Drublic" Gumby, shows up at my house this afternoon in this enormous fukkin monster convertible 64 caddy. (ok not this exact one-the battries in my camera were dead) . But it just like this one only showing a bit of it mulie maturity. it epitomized Antiquated Mule. The exhaust was rotting off so the 429 sounded "jus' real fuggin deadly, eh?" It was rad to see in person and rad to see gumby sober(ish), possessing a drivers licence and one ofthe fukkin coolest (biggest 19'!!!) mules around.
Now for the geek out. The motor-429. Ok, caddy put that motor in that car in those years. BuT!-fukkin buddy says its a Ford motor. He says caddy put whatever was the best motor of the day in its cars. Ok, maybe gm/chev didn't own caddy then, I dunno, maybe the did just put the fattest, thirstiest bitches they could find in there. But, now for the weird- stamped on the top of the block in the middle at the front between the distributor and the oil fill thingy were the numbers 283. 283??!! WTF!!! 283 was a small small block. 429 would have to be a big block, and 283 i don't think was ever a ford motor. Or at least not in 1964. Weird, eh? Any thoughts? I have one, we should all go for beer and have him meet us. In that.


  1. read somewhere that the 429 in these was actually a bored out 390, but that's still a big block and wouldn't account for the 283 stamp. No way you're boring a 283 to be a 429 specially when it's already a bore out 265. ain't the internet wonderful? As for it being a Ford, HOW drunk was Gumby?

  2. Ya, well that's btween him'n the lord. However he sais it was an old guy mechanik what told him it was a ford. maybe they was both drinkin.