Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few miles as well

Not a great pic, but you get the idea. Got the wheel painted, tire on, front end together, engine in, wheels on, black drag bar on...I finally have what looks like a motorbike. Bloody brilliant technique for getting the engine in. After all the previous attempts at jamming a 250lb square peg (engine) into a round hole (frame), with all the requisite swearing and squashed fingers that involves...I tipped the engine on it's side and within 15 seconds had the frame around the engine. As I said, Bloody Brilliant!


Miles and miles

Hambone stopped by on Friday to have a look at some bits and pieces I've been cutting. Everything looked ready so last night he came back with his mig in hand and hammered out a fully tabbed/nearly completed frame. I'm suddenly miles ahead and looking at a dismantle and some paint in the next few weeks. Then wiring and we'll be pretty well ready to lay a burnout (except for all the snow). Thanks Hambone for keepin' this shit on track.

Friday, February 26, 2010

That's me!

I just noticed something. On the big pic at the top of the page, take a look at the handsome guy in the black shirt with his arms crossed, that's me!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Services

Tiny Garage Rod Shop now offering room temperature powder coating care of Du Keeps.

Cyclemania Means Spring is Here

That's only 7 weeks away boyz! Will your bike be ready? I think we should get the winter projects into the custom portion of the show. I saw a good presence from the Bastards last year. No reason our chops shouldn't make an appearance. Hambone, this could be a good opportunity to put all three of your creations on display and sell the two that won't make it to OZ.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i think i am in love!

so stoked on the rims and tires! look at how huge that front tire looks! these rims are going to work way better. i am now going to have a front brake too. the rims are in great shape no rust and they are not bent. think that i mayend up getting two sets of tire street and dirt.

What to do?

My uncle wants me to buy his 1996 Wide Glide. Like new, 11,000mi, Screamin Eagle pipes, etc, etc, etc. Really good price. What to do, what to do? The Shadow is nearly spent. He's a very mean uncle doing this to me.

Mule Celebrity Endorsement

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun with spares

Jack-assery tonight.

Well on my way to building that '70's bird. All I need is a frame and twin cylinder.

I did get some work done. Cut stock filters apart to fit in the snowmobile velocity stacks I bought.

The yellow looks boss. Specially with the Floor boards that I mounted over the weekend.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sastard has been keepin me handsome for half my life now. A night at Billy's is a lot like an old barber shop. Starts and ends with whiskey and bullshit and at the end of the night any number of gentlemen may walk out with shorter hair.

Speaking of...

...Shit you don't need.

Bought this brand new Avon Speedmaster MKII for 1/2 price and it came mounted on a painted rim w/ a spool! Nice! Opinions on the narrow rib vs. the knobby trial?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

what the hell am i doing?

so i was driving home from work the other day and i noticed a dirt bike in the service road ditch.

that night went back a snatched it up with the shop truck. its a really strange bike, 1974 bombardier. no other id marks i think it is a 125cc. everything is backwards on the bike, right hand chain drive, the carb placement, the kick starter on the left side, and the shifter comes from the same shaft as the kickstarter. the frame is really cool the oil tank doubles as the back bone and all the welds are REALLY nicely tig welded (thats how us Canadians do it). the motor is a rotrax and it was made in austrailia. electrical stuff made in Germany. kinda funny how it all ended up in a ditch outside saskatoon sk. i was going to just take the rims and tires and the front end off and toss the rest but i am going to try and sell it for $100. the money will go toward getting my bike powder coated.

2 Stroke Bad Assery

So what the hell could you possibly do with that old 2 stroke sitting in the barn or that you found in a ditch?

Most of these bikes (the first three for sure) are the creation of Slims Fabrication. It seems Slims specialty is air cooled 2 Strokes and lovin' America!

Note: I actually drafted most of this post before Hambone found the canadian bacon in the ditch. Funny.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ink Alley / Cyclemania Saskatoon
From Friday, April 17 2009
To Sunday, April 19 2009
Every day
WIRED 96.3 is proud to support Ink Alley / Cyclemania
April 17th - 19th at Prairieland Park. Ink Alley starts on
the 17th with Cyclemania running the 18th and 19th.
Don't miss Saskatchewan's largest motorcycle show with
dealer displays, trade show, fashion show, accessories
and much more. Hours are Saturday 9am - 9pm and
Sunday 11am - 5pm


Broke another Mastercrap tool today. Took the words right outta my

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ink Alley 2010

So I've started seeing the posters for this years Ink Alley show, but no mention of the CycleMania show thst goes along with it. Anybody know if CycleMania is on this year? Great Poster!

Kijiji buy of the day

Okay this one I bought. A Princess Auto 1/3 horse drill press, 5 speed for $35! Came with a drill press vise, just had to buy a new chuck key.

Punched a 1" hole in some 1/8th" with a hole saw as a test. Stalled'er out once, but go slow and we're good. WAY better than Dad's B&D rig.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now which bit went where again?

Kijiji buy of the day

Here's the Kijiji buy of the day. A nice '76 Meyer Manx style street buggy. $5000 maybe, no, but I'll pay ya the $2300 greased on the windshield. Dumb-ass. More Here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Something for Everyone

Here's a little inspiration for all the contributors of The Mule.

Billy Sastard and his CM/CB400 Project:
I know yer not thinkin' about a ridged tail (other than simple struts), but... should be.

and if not, then ride tall my friend...

Du Keeps and his CB550 Hooligan Racer:
Simple as....

image from

Hambone. Leaf Springer vs. Johnny Law:
Just in-case the-man demands a fender, you could always do the duck billed Indian trick.

image from

And for Keno. This one is for you. Check the pipes. Just in-case all the polish and elbow grease in the world doesn't bring those Norton Atlas pipes back to life....

As for me, maybe a solution for the rear brake.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Antiquatedmule Presents

get your tickets NOW!!!

Thinkin' 'bout a simple trailer

Hmmm...maybe too much...

Hmmm...maybe not quite enough.....

Ahhh....that's about right....

Can you imagine the Mule pulling Dale behind it like this? Sweeet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So I was huffing gas......

...and dicking around on the computer and I came across this crazy badazz motherfucker on one of the blogs. I laughed so hard i snorted half a breadbag full of gas thru my nose.

Seize the Day!!! Mother ehfers!!!

so i don't really have anything new but i got some nice photos of Carpe Diem. Enjoy.