Monday, November 30, 2009

21" Crash and F*kINg bUrn

SHIIIIIT! this 21" front wheel obsession is killing me. So the simple bearing swap turned out to be a bust because the the 17mm ID bearings in the wheel with the busted hub turned out to be 2mm smaller OD making them 40mm not 42mm like the wheel I'm looking to use. No problem just need to buy 17x42 bearings...No such fucking thinG!!!! says rec supply, proline, and Bearing and Transmission. No...*#R%@(&^$...such...*%$^@#(%...FuckIng....Thing!!! What are the odds that a salvage yard has a return policy? FART!

Anyone have a Can-Am front hub that uses a 17mm axle? I think the TNT Enduros used the 17mm and the Qualifiers used the 15mm. ANYONE!? I know they exist because I've got a the cracked one. Mine's a black hub on a 40 spoke Sun alloy rim and it has 6203 bearings. There's also a silver one that uses 6303 bearings. Go look, everyone, right now, I'll wait... Mine looks like this:

with a brake cover like this:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reply from the Sr. Sastard

This is gold.

"most of these bearings are shrink fit. put the hub on the wood stove 'till it sizzels when you spit on it and the bearings should come out with some judicious tapping or prying.

Great! Except I have a feeling I'm gonna have a harder time finding a wood stove than the bearing puller tool. It does get a guy thinking about heat guns though. Thanks Sr.

Sizzels when you spit, golden!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hey Billy, see comments on "Inspiration for Billy"

Test lace layers

Though I'd see what the layered lace thing looked like rat style. Came
out almost too clean actually. With a good flogging it might not look too bad.
1. Sprayed a rough layer of wimblton white on the tank.
2. Cut a slice of lace outta the curtains in the living-room.
3. Spray flat black over that.

4. Pull the lace off once it's dry.

Friday, November 27, 2009

That's more like it

The gents at Regina Motorcycle Salvage hooked me up! Now that's how you run a fuckin salvage yard. I showed up, explained the complex problems I was having with putting a 21" dirt wheel on the stock 17mm axle from the xs650. Next day they had a great 21" with 15mm bearings and an alloy 21" with a cracked hub and the 17mm bearings that fit the axle I left them from the 650. Sold me both for a fair price and bob's yer uncle. Told me if there was anything else I needed that they'd bus it up to toon town. And yes I will definately be calling them next time I need parts. Thanks boys.

I think this is the one...

that got me thinking that my little bike could become a piece of radness.
more on this specific bike at this link. dunno who this "sir robbie rob" cat is.

This is a little more along the Cafe lines I'm looking for. But I have to keep my tank???? looks like an oil cooler possibly as well friggen sweet!!!!! absoluetly love the exhaust pipes!!

Nice Bobber, Is that a cannister oil filter mod?

I especially like the seat and kick pedal but am nost intreaged by the oil filter. Been looking at some dutch 650's with clear or no clutch cover, dry clutch? don't know but I'll dig up a pick.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Inspiration for Billy

Okay so some of this is Fuckin' nasty...but I think it shows that the angles can be acheived on the CB/CM400 frames. Mule gathering on the Sastard Farm in the new year. Bike Building weekend. Think about it.

Strutted back end...

My favorite...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chinese Medicine Is Gnarly!!!

so last week i had a really bad cold/ flu thing and i told my Veitnamese friend about it. his name is Hue. he is super cool and funny. but anyway. I went over to his house and he did this to me and told me i will feel %100 when the marks go away.... And you know thw marks are almost gone and i feel great.

Thanks Hue.

Same angle as the...

Taken from Geographical Oddity (blacktopsquadron).

Schwinn Horns

Here's a shot of those schwinn horns for Hambone. And yes...I think they'd look great on a stretched out chopper.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Internal Throttle / Clutch

The Exile Cycles' internal Throttle / Clutch Assembly. No cables to see here. The clutch requires a pulley mechanism d/t heavy pull. $225 for the throttle, the clutch...more. She is a beaut though.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The XS I want!!!

Leonard's ancestors

Looks like the Leonard's of the world (the dog) have been sneeking into photos almost as long as they've been hanging around bikers.


So...Hambone wants Nitrous on his bike...crazy man. That will require some big rubber, if you know what I mean. Did a little investigating and it may not be too difficult to do. Lack of fuel injection does make it a little bit more of a guessing game. An exaust sensor was recommended because you will need to adjust the mixture as when you're on the NOS, it really leans out. That's when guys cook the engine. A lot of the other sensors are unnecessary as they are for "Throttle position activation" or "RPM activation" etc. On a bike I would only want "on demand". That way you know when to hang on to your panties. Also it sounds like a 2lb bottle is all you'll need because you're only on the trigger for like 3 sec. Should be able to pick up a simple kit for a few hundred bucks at Rec Supply. You can also call NOS Tech Support Dept. @ 270-781-9741 to see what set up you would need. That would be effen rad if it works!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Fine Specimen

One FINE specimen! The bid is at $1725. Sounds like he's got more than that into the bike. Mine only falls short on the "Helmet Holder" stickers and the shine. (The original paint doesn't shine like that). I also have 1970's aftermarket ABC 4-2 Header pipes. Isn't she lovely?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dave Penner's ultimately disappointing farm of chop

So I took the drive out to Penner's salvage today looking for a 21" enduro wheel with drum brake assembly. Found a decent candidate for restoration, not perfect by any stretch, no brake cable, lever. $75.00!!!! are you fucking outta your mind? if you've met Dave and his other brother Daryl then that was a retorical question, if you haven't had the pleasure then let me tell you...yes. I dickered around about the price for a while and then started taking careful stock of the wheel. If I was gonna pay that much I wanted to know it was gonna work. Turns out dirtbike wheels have a much smaller axle diameter than the XS's. Okay then I'll use the axle from the dirtbike. Nope, too narrow for street forks. Hmmm. Went back into the yard and looked for BIG dirt bikes to see if I could find one with the right sized diameter in the hub. Must have pulled a dozen front wheels off rusty forks and they are all the same. Damn. More research into axle sizes now seem necessary. I gave Dave and his brother one last opportunity to drop the price to something reasonable like, even slight unreasonable, but their slack jawed stares sent be home empty handed. Well, at least I got some pics. Enjoy

Dead Coyote sandwich.

Public Transportation just got interesting.

A fun eve

Thanks to the boys for the beers bike and bullshit night. Got the lump back in the 650 and god damn if it don't look great.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Evolution of a bike post

Mike D from Born Loser sold that beautiful '54 pre unit and posted a great series of photos showing the evolution of a custom bike. Check It Here They were all nice bikes.

Sick old bars. Handle and Sissy.

Big-asst box of beer ever

couldn't help myself. 32bux fer a 36 pack. allegedly-when i got to the till they added taxes. sneeky albertan bastards. havent tried it yet. 'sprodly piss tho. you mules should come help me find out. sorry i cant make it tomorrow. you'll have to give each other your own titty twisters.

Mules Corral

A reminder to the Mules to gather tomorrow night at Ninjas for whiskey and wailing. Come around 8 BYOSHIT. Should be fun.

Wassel style tank

Parts are Rollin in. Bashed up wassel style/bondo bruised tank. I
likey. GOtTA git that lump back In place ThIS weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trip to the Boneyard?

Anybody up for a trip to Daves Farm on Saturday for a bone picking? If you've never been you really should come. It's just outsida' Borden about 25 minutes northwest. There's acres of bikes growing outta the weeds, sheds and city busses fulla tanks, fenders, engines and others bits and bobs. I'm thinking of going Saturday sometime if you're interested.

Dark Side on the Van

I'd have ShIT my pants if I'd seen this van as a kid. Hell, as it is I may have sharted a little just now.