Friday, July 31, 2009

today's radness

Time for kindergarten, kids! Putcher skizzers and glue on this badass.

That's right baby, batmobile.

Simple metal bars

How many times have I fashioned hangers, spacers, brackets, and
adapters from simple flat chunks of metal? This time it was a way to
make the sissy bar functional. Old school vice, bench grinder, and a
hack saw. Now this is how you build a mule. Where can one buy these
bars? This one was the lock bar from my craftsman tool chest. Now I'm
all out.


Estrella, from Barcelona, Spain. Reminds me of Amstel, from Holland. Anyways, frikkkin good, and less than 3bux a (500ml) can. I poured it in a sleeve, but its just as good right out of the can. You should not take my word for it. I also dare you to research something superior. And then tell us about it. Yes, every trip to the liquor store should be an adventure.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Robert Williams & Santa Cruz

Lowbrow Artist Robert Williams has teamed up with Santa Cruz Sk8s. I first heard of Robert Williams, I think, in '88 when his art graced the cover of Thrasher Magazine. Inside there was an article with the "Meat of Love" image in it. Yes the busty Mexican draped across a taco. For an 11 year old boy that image was AMAZING! Needless to say. I'm buying this deck tonight.

Tattooed Lady

My wife's tat got finished today. Looks killer. Nice job Ben! I'm scheduled for August 20th. Can't wait.

AFX Slot racers

Pulled out the 'ol slot racers for the boy. The track's gonna need
some work (stay tuned). Custom Van series with a Black econoline and
an orange Dodge (my fav as a kid).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bag of Bones

Not too shabby. This old bag of bones comes with a bx of bones in the back of the truck at no extra charge. Should have just about everything I need when mated with the other sad case I've got. Even got 4-1 pipes.

Fisheye Fotog

New Blanket find while I was at the lake.

I guess were not the first guys to have a website dedicated to aniquated mules. This guys been here for like 10 years!

Metric Catalog

Don't mind the fruit on the cover, this is a pretty good metric catalog.

Wrenching Struts Response

Photo credit uwe9999

Hard-tailing a spirit with rusty wrenches does have it's advantages. For example, lowering the rear fender so that it rubbs those hairy bits off a new tire. A springer seat, however, I've not seen. I may just try lossening the suspension a touch.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey Keeps, this retard card was left behind in my pile of crap. It fell out when i picked up that 20. I know i only do dimebags, but there's no reason to get all subliminal about it.

Announcement to Ninja

It has come to our attention (sastard&Keeps) that the suspension on your shadow looks very pretty and that's it's job. And it functions about as well as a springer seat and struts. Therefore, because of the bad assedness of the idea, we propose that you replace your feeble, kidney dislodging shocks with big wrenches as the struts and an old skool springer seat. This is a cool idea.

Yeah, yeah!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 Dayz at the Lake

Gorgeous day for a ride north on Thursday Morning. Rode up through Blaine lake and then into the Thickwood Hills and on to Big Shell Lake. The wife met me up there and we ditched the boy on Saturday for a ride to Spiritwood. Another perfect day for a ride. One of those prairie tours where every quarter km has a new smell and pockets of warm and cool air. Rode home today after the rain let up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Two-Wheeler

Picked up this Haro the other day. The kids got me a gift card for bike dr. for Christmas. This bike was there so i bought it. Before I brought it home, I showed sky the card and told her she bought me a bike for Christmas today. She was convinced I was totally full of bunk. It wasn't as nice of a ride as the slightly cheaper specialized I rode when I was there, but it was on consignment-cash only, so not eligeble. This one seemed allright......might actually be a kids bike.... oops It's black though! I do plan to remove those trick pegs I don't know how to use.

'64 ccm

Or maybe it was a '68...I bought this for the Mrs. a few years ago out of some weird french dude's yard (sale?) fer ten bux! Certified antiquated mule! Even so, it rides super good, i really like it. I found one a bike dr. just like it the other day and they wanted 160bux frit! And mine has handbrakes and a 3-speed hub! I got a little gem in the garage, apparently. Whatever, its not for sale. But ya, 3-speed hub- single rear sproket and some majik leprechauns in there that change gears when you fiddle this crusty little lever. (shut up all of you) It's cool.

jesus' hot mountain bike

this one was given to me by "jesus", before he left the world for the big hustle in the sky. He bought it hot off the street. The drugs were getting to his brain from time to time if you can believe that, he thought it was a high end prime piece. Its a walmart piece of shit. I took a jump one night and the front wheel almost fell off and killed me. I had it because I had to leave my car behind one night so i rode this home and never gave it back. He had like 8 others he bought for about 10bux each.....
I donated it to bikes for kids this afternoon. jesus loves the little children.

New Favorite!

I_am_10_ninjas says:

Ok, I said I didn't have much time for bikes without motors, but this was just to special to me. I bought it from a guy who claimed to be one of the bastards. He was really cool and he said it's named "Cream Soda"! Isn't that darling? He told me it went super good with my coinpurse. Whatever that means. I sure feel like a grown up lady when my girlfriends I ride to the mall and get our nails painted!


Do something sick for big points. "Rock out" to the banjo tunes. Waste your time doing the things that make the werled a stupider place. Proudly, be a part of what's wrong.
also highly recommend:
Or pretty much anything else you can find here. The most fun you can have without your hand in your pants.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sekine Cruiser

Unchained the beach cruiser today. Pulled a lot of vines off the old
boy and lubed'er up. Gonna get a couple new cables for the wife's
Skylark too and take'm both up to the lake. Not much time for bikes
without engines these days.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cops n' carbs

I know I've said it a hundred time before, but this time I think I REALLY know what the problem is. About 5 yrs ago I had some guy (putz) take a look at the carb (before I really understood them) & I think he switched the needle for one that's too short! I've got too much overlap b/w the main & the needle! Other than that one throttle position, it's perfect. Oh yeah, & the cops pulled me over on it this weekend, but that's another story.

Waskesiu 2008

Thought I'd post last year's Waskesiu trip pics as the conversation surrounding this years trip are in the works.

September 5th 2008

A little late in the season, but the 650 was finally road worth and needed a test run. Du Keeps and I set a date and crossed off the days. September 4th I started the 650 in the morning to go to work and it ran like shit. Bogging out, cacking and coughing like the weezing of angels smoking camels. Got on the forums and started posting my drama. Left work early that day and began dismantling the carbs. By 10pm that night we were back in action. Thanks again to the fella's at XS650 Garage USA. These guys a freekin amazing!!! I owe my entire 650 experience and part of my 360 build to them.

Shortly after Kip's hatchet let loose, bounced off the highway and flew over my head and turfed itself in the woods. We went back and searched the area. Kip off-roaded his 1100 shadow and found it on the second or third pass.

Cruised around for the rest of the day once we arrived in Prince Albert National Park taking advantage of the narrow winding forest roads.

Beach to beach to beach.

The 650 with the biggest toolbag you've ever seen on a bike. Kip laughed his ass off when he heard that the big green sack hangin off my bike was all tools multi-meter included.

Got some dinner going and paid some Chinese restaurant a million dollars for a case of beer and a pack of colts.

September 6th. Nearly there. At the junction just before Christopher Lake the 650 died. Just as I let the RPM's down coming into the crossroads the engine quit. I knew I should have charged it last night. The plan was to push the bike into the men's room at the camp site and plug in the trickle charger to the shaving plug. But by the time we got to bed it was 3am and I was in no mood to push a bike through heavily rooted woods.

Kip rode my batery into town and then came back for me. We spent an hour or so in a little diner eating fries and chatting with locals. Kip wasn't laughing about the tool bag anymore.

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