Sunday, September 30, 2012

American Made

Went to ride the Ghetto Glide about a week ago and found that it wouldn't shift. The rear linkage off the tranny shaft was stripped...suddenly. Turns out this is a very common problem if you don't tighten that arm like once a month. So no problem I'll just pop it off and get a new one.....see pictures below


Turns out there's not enough clearance between the rear primary cover and the tranny shaft to get the lever off. So you need to remove the entire primary drive assembly which means you also need to remove the floor boards, the rear peg mounts, and yes even the starter to access this tiny lever. Now that's some good money making engineering for the stealerships. But I've bested them and done it all myself.

I talked to the guy at Redline when I picked up the overpriced replacement parts and he said I got a bargain. If I'd had them do it it would have been a $1200-$1300 job. Holy crap!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saying Good-bye is tough...

bye-bye baby from J.Epp (I_am_10_ninjas) on Vimeo.

50 times the love

Shot a little lasting love for Brian's PanShovel build today. This exquisite machine is moving over to make room for a wet dream of a knuckle, but we figured it deserved a good showing before Brian makes some changes for the new owner. More to come.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today on Kijiji

Wow. Uhh...these are awesome. Get wolfed out with these 5 gallon shovel tanks. Get'em

Today on Kijiji

Good price on a little '79 iron project with rebuilt engine and pb drag cams. Go get it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taking a lot of time

Well it seems like I haven't got shit done  and that is why I haven't posted much. But Ninjas is always givin me shit so here you go. The comet Traveller has had some fiberglass work done to it and though I don't have a pic for you the bottom has gotten paint turned out pretty good (I'll get a pic in here when I can).
Above is phase 1
below is phase two.

I took the trailer apart, a good thing too. I found that the one bolt holding the tongue to the rest of the trailer was a bit small for the hole and had worn almost all the way through so I had to replace it with a couple of much larger bolts.

I got it back together a couple weeks back and it's now functional (including lights) and got some help getting the hull back on the trailer last week.

I've pushed back the christening date a few times but I've only got phase 3 to 14 left to go. I really only get  and day every couple of weeks to work on it cause it is in toon town and I am not so considering that I've made decent progress. When she's done she'll be the sweetest water mule on the blog


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

True Blue

Funny how shit works sometimes. I never thought I'd ever get a Panhead project in my hands, but as of today I'm working with, albeit the muttiest damn pan on earth, but a Pan project nevertheless. Sold Dale at just the right time, made the right drunken pitch for Brian to sell me one of his 4 generator mills, something shiny dangled in front of his face, and whammo! Welcome home Panhead. 

 Seriously, though this would not have been made possible if my man Jessop hadn't made a fucking amazing package deal up for me. I'm drinkin' to you tonight, sir (I was drinkin' anyway).  You're true blue, mate. I won't forget it. Cheers!

Now what are we lookin at here? Good question. Here's the rundown. Let's start with the motor. Today I brought home a basket bottom end of a Panhead. Left case is a '51 and the right a '64 (hey I warned you it was a mutt). I've got the flywheels, cam side gears, etc. pretty much complete. Brian also threw in lifter blocks, pushrods, and a set of shovel jugs and pistons in case I can't wait and go to a PanShovel setup. Just looking for heads and rocker boxes yet.

The frame is a '58 Panhead frame I got from the Red Deer swap last year. Its Stretched in the down tubes and backbone just a bit and raked. It will remain a swinger with those little sprung strut things. I traded a 35mm front end for it. Habahaha. The forks are chromed 33's with 6" over tubes. These and the Juice drum brake on the 16" wheel from the first pic I got from Brian at the Chop Meet. Looking to transfer the Juice drum to a 19" Akront Shouldered Rim that's on it's way from outta town. The front wheel is a 19 Dunlop with a hallcraft mini drum. I'm hoping to get a 1.60 21" rim to lace the hub to. Tank is a fiberglass sporty. Might go for a frisco style narrowed sporty later on...{sneezing}HamBone-. So there we go. A long road ahead, but it's Jordan's Panhead.

Dice 46

If you ever needed a great reason to buy a DicE Subscription, here it is. Local Saskatoon super dude Cory has his killer CB in the latest offering of the coolest chop mag going. Photos by yours truly, paint by our resident Hate_Machine, Cole Jabush, and pin striping by Dekay. Mostly you get to see some pictures of the Golden Dragon so there ya go.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Obsession

Really dig the look of these FRISCO style Choppers. 
Think I should start collecting parts...! 

Fenders and franks.

Got a good thing going I
Figure. Narrowed the fender 1" and made a crazy franks piece for it. Since I can't afford say $10,000 or what ever they go for now. Probably going to be molding the rear fender into the frame. Sky high sissy bar. See where life takes me.

Lee from Hambone Kustoms

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lunch run...

...interrupted by beer sign.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Do it

Inspired to Swap?

So if Jessop's Chop Meet made you hungry for parts (and hot dogs), or if you bought a ton of shit you actually don't need, there's good news. Three swaps are on the horizon. First, The Edmonton Motorcycle Swap Meet on October the 27th, then the Central Alberta Vintage Motorcycle Group Autumn Swap Meet in Red Deer the next day, and finally the Queen City Motorcycle & Hot Rod Swap in Regina on the 3rd of November.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chop Meet Round II

A few more from Chop Meet II