Wednesday, September 30, 2009

inspirational hell yeah for keeps

Here's a blog for Du Keeps' honda project. These skaters seem to sport a lotta 550's and bobbbed'em just like you like. Check'm out.

inspirational hell yeah

This is so close to what I'm looking to build that I almost don't wanna build it anymore. No...that's not true. I wanna build it more than ever. The low lean racer look with tonnes of badass and a big old sissy bar and no bitch seat. the springer front end will come some day, but for $500-$700 it'll have to wait. Mine will obviously be the xs parallel twin, but the shape and style is bang on. LOVE THIS BIKE.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Here's some kind of a quote from some hobo guy from new york:

Theirs a lot of people who think they know what a real Harley sounds like but will never here what one izz spose to sound like at idle or a low steady lope. I made a visits to the local Joe’s were all the wanna be bikers hang out Nuttin wrong with a wanta be but one thing that surprise me izz when they decided its time fer a ride around the block out of the 30 or so Harleys I did not see a one that wuz kicked started, all of’em started and away they went. We use to take a ride down to myrtle beach ’bout 175 miles and it would take 12 hr. first 4 hr. wuz wait’in to git all of the Harleys started. If you had a Tillison carb you needed to tote a tooth pick to tickle the diagram in the carb to git it started. To many problems to list. I always wired my tail light to the positive side of the coil so if I had a no start I knew the coil had 12V. I wuz the only one in the pack that had a front brake and one of the few that have a good werk’in back brake. I always rode in the rear of the pack cuzz most did not have a werk’in brake lite or one that I would trust. Either ya run over’em or they run over you. I don’t think I could ride a hard tail again.

HD for a new Generation

Harley is marketing to a new generation of riders these days. Same culture as the bikers of the past, but for the VANS sk8 generation. I'm a little offended, a little flattered, a bit afraid, and a touch pleased. I'm all fucked up about it. I guess what it comes down to is that HD is using the same marketing stratagy as ever. "Buy a Harley, instant cool." The problem is that if you don't have all the other stuff, like the bike shop, the club house, the friends who own rod shops, and the skills to put a motor back together, then you're realy just another douche who bought a HD and thought it made him tough. You probably also bought a helmet, a jacket, four t-shirts, boots, and a keychain that all had the HD logo stamped, clearly visible, on all of it for all the other douche-bags to see. Waving you're two fingered, "I rode my bike after work today", salute to me as you pass by. This rant has gotten bitter, watch the fucking movie!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chopper Plans

Found a tonne of bike builders plans for frames, forks, bits and bobs and a few welding manuals too. Most comes from amazing resource for building bikes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lawrence's Lunchtime Ludicrousness

Guzzi 850T

Here's a beautiful specimen for sale in Regina. 1975 850T with only 13,000 for $3800. See More

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Biker Club for Sale

So someone in Ogema Saskatchewan is selling a Bike Club House. Features of the house include 8 security cameras, large parking lot for 50+ bikes, and a forty foot tower with a CB Antenna.

Check it out here

View Larger Map

Mumblings of a Mule

This modern backyard-build cycle culture seems to me to have a likeness to a lotta shit I've loved. Discovering independent music had the same obsessive effect on me half a life a-go. Before that transworld was my bible and thrasher my kama sutra. Knowing these uncommonly known nuggets of information somehow made me happier. In the same field of "shit to waste your energy on", and yet, "the shit to keep you sane and calm", it takes real effort to find the pieces from yards, barns, swaps, and salvo yards. Takes useless knowledge no one else (especially better halfs) cares about to know what to look for in all that crap. It's nice to think that building the way we do, seeking the vintage parts and history, piecing together a ghosty mule, utalizes the same tools and techniques as when those pieces were built. And that nothing being built now uses these backyard traditions and borrow beg and steal attitudes that make these plow pulling stallions so much fun. Good luck on the winter builds gentlemen, I feel fall is in the air.

Regina motorcycle salvage

Closed for toy run. Crap! Stupid needy children. I need bike parts!

I've seen heaven

And it's in Saskatchewan. Tricky God. No one would think to look there!

DuKeeps and me played a gig this weekend outside of Regina. We
now know what it's all about, what everyday of hard work is all about. It's all working towards this nirvana.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't click the link. Don't do it.

I'm telling ya, don't you push that button. You'll be sorry. It's probably nothing good anyway.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dusty's Goose Neck Kawi

For Sale

This Goose necked Kawi was found on Kijiji today by Sastard and me. Figured anything this gnarly deserved a post. We don't know Dusty, but we like the cut of his Ugh! If you're interested in purchasing this beast click here.

Seasick Steve

The Harley's are coming...

The predictions are coming true. I beleive it was Du Keeps who predicted that within the next 5-10 yrs we'd see a flood of Harley's hitting the second hand market on account of the Boomers realizing they wernt bikers after all (couldn't happen soon enough if you ask me). This year I beleive we've seen the beginning of this trend. Although it hasn't started with EVO's yet, I have seen an unusual amount of ironheads hitting the market for great prices. I know I know not the best engine HD ever made, but a close relation to the Shovel, they have a great look and are well suited for choppin and bobbin. And for $3000 it get's awful tempting to take a crack at one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That rake rocker thing we were talking about

hey ninja I think (not that this bike is a great example) that little rocker piece of the springer front ends is there and sits so far back on the wheel, and puts the "round" of the wheel ina position where it can actually bounce over the bumps as opposed to like, shock forks that when they are that raked only compress when you use the front brake..... any on e can correct my theory....

less random less rad

C'mon, its mick on a honda. And a 350/4 to beat shit. Just hadda be here. Hey, fit was good enough for born loser......

Random Radness

Ok, I'm sure we all saw it there but it's just so kikass it needs to be permanent posted for posterity purposes. Anyone got 2000bux+ electrical parts? Hey ninja, aren't you some kind of expert at charging issues now?

CCM Cobra Mustang

Had a chance to put the CCM together tonight. I'm pretty sure it's a '69 CCM Mustang Cobra (came before the three speed Mustangs of the '70's). If anyone can verify please do. Man, I wish motorcycles went together this fast...

Painted the rims and spokes, stripped the frame, new tires (rear says K-RAD on it) Painted the frame with some metal flake from Walkers. Might need a GLOSSY clear coat yet, but the matte orange with the gloss black is kinda nice too.

'60's style pic for fun.

Before: Came in a box. I had some oem and some pixie girl bmx parts. This is as close to a bike as I could make at first.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiration for Du Keeps

Found this Beauty 500 on Lord of Motors Blog. If you build it I will...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

CCM project is outta the trunk

Sanded and primed the CCM. Polished the chrome bits and painted the rims and chainguard black. I pick up a copper metal flake paint from Walkers on Monday. I think it's gonna be a sweet looking ride for the boy someday. Stay tuned for the painted pony. Check out the before pics here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Mule banner in honor of Sastard Sr.'s barn collection.

Webers on a 650

Weber made these for HD's and Hondas back in the ? Got this pic from Chopper Dave's Blog. What a sweet look.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barn Bikes of the sastards

K ninja ! U asked for it, choo got it! About half of the barnsworth. The other half may be legitimate junk, but heres a few areas of interest. The post may be need a second edition sometime with actual good pics and comments from Sastard Sr.

Sr.'s pre 1940 Norton 16-H. Hard tail, spring set, rad thumper. Over bore kit. Cruises nice at about 45 mph. Whallopping 12 hp. just kidding, i really have no idea.

Fun little yammy with timing or points issues or something. Its actually mom's bike. Some people don't get the bug. Real fun to ride in town though. Unless you were hoping for power. Which you dont need for fun. Hell even a moped is fun. Tandem twin. A bit heavy for scrumptious yet this summer. maybe next year.

My honda cm400t i fuckin crashed. Poor old bastard! Deserves better. So the lump will be removed and remounted.....
Here! In this frankenportshondaster. Gak! look at all that height that I'm going to have to get rid of. I want to reposition and remount the short shocks from the doner bike. that should shave a few inches off. If i can spring that sporty seat i'll put struts on instead of shocks and that'll help. Hoping to kind of get that skinny look for it. Lowered front, no rake, i'm positive im going to toss those gauges I bought twice now. Maybe one of those magnetic bicycle speedos. Plan on taking the grinder to that rear metal, i think its called sub-frame behind the curve where the shocks are mounted, and ideally get a fender welded to the swingarm. And dad wanted to put that little mill in a feather bed frame. Hmmm... actually............

potential tail light for the honda project. i have 2 front fenders. one should become a rear and wear this little red hat.My brothers can-am 250. 79 or something. needs minimal work but parts are scarce. I only rode it once. It wheelies like a motherfucker.

Some bird shit on dads 16-h
Indian dirt bike. Had a fuji motor or something. it went into a little chaparral bike. That little bike spent so much time in the air it never even needed tires. It might have had a short life.....