Thursday, September 29, 2011

Murder Mule

Took delivery of the Murder Van last night. It's gonna take a little work, but damn...stoked!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wanted. 19" invader rim

Hey guy looking for an invader rim for my chop anyone have a line on one.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Snell Approved

You may remember a couple sweet rods I posted belonging to Mr. Snell. Well he's done it again. This time he bought it and shipped it here as I understand it. Soooo sweet.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Out to the Sastard family farm for a weenee roast and potato canon session today. Got a few pics from the Sastard Vault. Billy found his project in amidst the parts bikes and decided it was time for a shake down test.

Dam Ride

Another fine day of riding. Down to Gardiner Dam, over to Dundurn and back. 30 degrees! The 2 miles of gravel I rode on in spring is now 30. Weaving between graders, combines, semis, tourists... Good thing we've had all that practice dirtbiking our harleys this summer. Found more gobs of mud and grass under my bike from the last ride.


tgrs gathering

Keno was back in town last night so we tied one on 'til the wee hours with Davey. Oh my.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


What I really need is one of those macramé tops. Sweeet.

Friday, September 23, 2011


... '80's performance chopper component.

Jasper Jord

Du Keeps sent some phone pics of me on the Jasper trip. Bein' the guy behind the camera I'm seldom captured, so here's one I touched up for posterity's sake.

frazetta Friday

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All set


Not sure how Ninja got hooked up in Libya, but he seems happy...

One Fine Day

Beauty day for a noon ride. Even got Papa Bear dirtbiking the springer. Sometimes the road ends, it's not like you're gonna turn around and go back. Bummer no pics, but my hands were a little full as well. Big tailwind to take us home too. Awesome.

(I know, I know...where's the new sissy bar. It's getting tweaked to fit the bracket tomorrow. It looks rad btw).

Filler neck

Sporty tank is coming along nicely. Welded the filler neck in. Complements of jabs. And the petcock bung. Now for the mounting hardware.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Highway Mode

"When on longer journey's the performance chopper can convert to split tanks, now with classy tank badges"

bought these badges a month ago. They're mint NOS and I love them.

pri merrily

Finally got some bits from the land of sunshine. Primary drive with the clutch set-up and a stack of Andersons. All final payment for the Tracy Body... that I so miss


Not to get all esoteric about building choppers, but I'm really loving the way this bike's new direction makes soo many references to the stock bike that it comes from. It's like a 1980 fxwg, but with every component tweeked for performance, style and muleage. Crushin' on this one bad!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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don't know this kid, but he would'a been a ruler on my block

Pearl Jam

Dusted off the army boots last night for the PJ show. Played a great show with Mudhoney as the opening act. Got to hear a rousing rendition of Running Back to Saskatoon. Sooo fuzzy todAy. Needs more sleeps...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The best of both worlds

2 previously scavenged sets of CB500/550 carbs. Yes the hammer was required in the disassembly. Trying to find enough good bits to make one good set. Amazing I was able to make one with no rustyness or stripped screwheads. We have a winner! I just can't seem to remember where I hid all my jets.

Great Day for a Ride

Not a sissy fail

Hey Kip your sissy bar is finished.

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quite the looker

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New pipes on the shovel

License and registration sir. Have you been drinking? What's wrong with you boy can't you speak?
Leonard drove me over to Jords to pick up some pipes for my bike Had to put them on as soon as I got home. Just crushing on this bike in the worst way.

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Ya dicked her!

Remember I few months ago I built a frame for a guy by the name a Lucas ford. Well things were going great with the bike until today. Speeding down a mountain road doing a buck and a half the connecting rod let loose and dicked the motor up real good. But have no fear for our two wheeled brother will be building a hot rod cb 950 motor this winter.

Good luck with all your mechanical adventures Lucas.

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the anatomy of a fork

So I'd scored a set of mutt forks from HamBone to mix with a set of mutt forks I already had and wow is this getting complicated. You'd better sit down for this one cuz it's about to get confusing.
The goal: to run a '69-'72 front drum wheel on a set of adjustable rake trees.

My forks: I've got a set of older-than-'69 lowers, 4" over 41mm tubes, and a set of generic triple trees.
Issue: the lowers are set up to run the drum on the left an my wheel is set up to be on the right.

New forks: 1980 FLH dual disk lowers, stock length 41mm tubes, adjustable rake triple trees.
Issue: I was planning to just shave the disk brake mounts off these lowers and use a muffler strap to anchor the drum brake to the lowers. However, the lowers are not compatible with the axle from the drum wheel I want to run.

So...I thought well at least I can use the old lowers I had by flipping the left side to the right to hook-up the drum brake. I can't shave the fender mounts off because the lowers have been chromed, but at least it would function for now. Except...the internal components of these forks are completely different, observed below.

fig.1- Old set of forks

fig.2 - Forks from Lee

So...I either need to find an obscure set of lowers that both accept a star hub and drum brake for right side hook-up and will accept tubes with the same deep threading to accept the adjustable triple caps (not frickin' likely)...or...I can give up on the adjustable rake option and get new right side drum set of lowers and stock length tubes (that's a lot of new parts I need)...or...I can give up on the drum dream and just run the dual disk wheel on the complete set-up I got from Lee (just need disks, calipers and MC). Phew! Custom mutt building is tiring.